Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Farewell

On Friday I was supposed to head out and pick up my Grandpa in Tremonton.
I was delayed an hour with two broken toes. Ouch!

Saturday Morning was Golf with Grandpa day. 

 Jack had a great time. I was home with broken toes. 

 Apparently Jack got in trouble for driving the golf cart. Or Dad got in trouble. 

After golfing we took all the grand-kids to the water park so Mom and Dad could focus on getting the house put together. 

 Thanks John for babysitting the young'ns. 

Jack tried some seriously big slides. So proud. 

Sunday was the big day!

They both did great on their talks. 

 The after party.

The Laundry Room -aka- The Staging Area

After the party we took Grandpa home. 

Not sure I am ready to say goodbye to mom and dad! 


Sometimes a family bike ride around the lake turns into an impromptu evening swim. 


Picnic in the park

Ivy pulled a shopping cart on top of her and it landed on her face.

 We went to Rexburg for the evening and rode the carousel. 

Pioneer Parade

This was my 3rd Pioneer Parade as the Primary President of our ward.

 This year the parade wasn't announced very well and we only had like 11 kids from our ward. 

Jack decided this year that he was too cool to dress up. Dang, what does that make me?