Thursday, December 26, 2013

Family Pictures

While in Utah for Thanksgiving, I asked Tom if he would follow us into Mom and Dad's backyard and take some family photos. Everything in the yard was dead, but they still turned out great. 

This one is my fave!

Thanks so much Tom!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Preschool Christmas Program

Leading Edge Preschool Program 2013

Brookelle Abby Byram

Brookelle wouldn't tell me what Santa whispered in her ear. 

And Jack, he told me he wasn't going to sit on Santa's lap because tonight it was for the little kids.
When did he grow up?

He was also my little camera man during the show.

He taped while I held Ivy back from trying to go sit in the little chairs and be part of the show!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend 2013

Thanksgiving started out with a bang.  
I slept in and we were almost an hour late leaving Rigby to drive to Draper. 
The kids as always loved the drive....

I had stayed up late making my pie for the annual pie contest.  
Lemon Cheesecake

 We arrived at Grandma and Grandpas and the festivities were well underway

Everything looked perfect. 

And of course Ivers was dressed the part!

The Kid Table

Then time for the PIE! 

Everyone gets a plate with a little piece of each pie. 

Alas, I didn't win....again.  That's okay, I have 2 years to prepare for the next one. 

Found the girls doing the usual Thanksgiving Evening Activity.....reading the paper.

The kids opened up Jammies from Grandma and Grandpa, and they sure were cute!

That night we put the kids to bed and went to Hunger Games....Thanks Abby, Katherine and Taurean for watching the kids, we loved it!

I suckered Vince into doing some family pictures in Mom and Dad's back yard.  Thanks to Tom I got some great photos for FREE.  He can't complain too much.

Then it was off to the Olympic Oval for Ice Skating Lessons!

 No, your eyes are not deceiving you... that is Karla in a pair of skates!

 Jack was a natural, even skating around with his hands in his pockets, which we kept telling him was not a good idea. 

 Thanks a lot Abby...I was going to use this for our Christmas Card.....Just kidding!

 Loved skating around with the whole family!

 Vince was a trooper, he had the flu and still came along. 
And Ivy sure was a trooper riding the stroller for 2 hours, going round and round. 

When our session was over we watched the speed skaters practicing.  Sure got us excited for the Olympics!

We were all exhausted when we got home, we sat down for a movie and guess who showed up!

SANTA!!! He was fabulous! He made every kid a balloon animal. And they were fantastic!

Ivy ran and screamed and hid when he arrived, and she agreed to a picture only if I went with her. 

Thanks for inviting Santa Grandma, it was a night we will all never forget!


We laid around most of the morning, did a little shopping and relaxed. 

Then we took all the kids to Frozen the movie, and out to dinner. 
I had a migraine and barely survived, which is why there are no pictures.

But that night all the grandkids got to pick an ornament off Grandma's Tree for their little trees at home. Such a fun tradition that I did when I was little. 

 We only had one little fight over Dr. Mcstuffins, but all survived. 

And as always, once the kids are asleep, the adults get a little crazy....

 Like trying on Liz'z hair extensions!
What do you think, should I go dark? 

 I told my mom she HAS to get some, she looks like a teenager!!!
Apparently she picked up Katherine and Taurean at the airport wearing them and they almost peed their pants with laughter. 

What a fun weekend.

We had all 21 Wheatleys sleeping under one roof for the first time ever!
It was fun, it was crazy, and I still have a headache!

Thanks MOM & DAD for the great time!