Friday, February 24, 2012

The Kitchen a Re-do, a Go-go, is a done done.

I'm not going to lie,
make me happy.

And "new things" make me REALLY happy.

My my New Year resolution to "Get Happy" is pretty much complete!

New Bar stools
 As you can see from this totally messy and disgusting "before" picture, we had only 2 bar stools.
Brooke's accident broke one, and then I broke another one.
(I have got to do something about this big butt)
Bar stools were priority #1
Who knew Walmart would have the exact stools I wanted?
If never ceases to amaze me what a few cans of spray paint can do.
I LOVE these tins in green!!!
OH, and that old ugly maroon sign, GONE!
A little reminder to be happy.
Everyone puts the stuff on the tops of their cabinets on old food boxes, right?
I'm totally normal.
At least that's what I'll keep telling myself.

New table cloth
and table
If you haven't noticed...I am all about the lemons these days.
Perhaps this little sign will help me with the little black rain cloud I told you about.

I love the new coloring station on the desk.
Brooke has informed me that since lions and scissors are both scary, they are a good match.

Fireplace-Kitchen Side
Sure, it looked cute then, but once the Ivy Jane sign came down, it was icky brown and maroon again.
Much better.

(Never mind the total disastrous counter top. It NEVER ever *ahem*  looks like that, I swear)
(Oh look! I'm in the microwave!)

That little green plant had about 7 years worth of dust on it. Gross.


My new favorite room of the house.
It's okay to have favorites :)

I have also become a little obsessed with the color "mustard"
That cream frame just had to be changed.

Oh, it is so terrible.
Not the huge pregnant lady (well, okay that too)
But the mantle!

Take away the huge momma, and the picture gets a whole lot better.
 Plus a few extra things.

No, Brooke didn't turn 3 again, this is only "before" picture I could find of the lamps.


Thank You TARGET for the shades. Love them.
I painted the lamps cream.  It was totally freaky, but I am soooo glad I did it.

I took down everything that was on that top plant shelf.
It was like shelf, on top shelf, on top shelf, on top shelf.
I HATE plant shelves.
Next house....NO PLANT SHELVES!
I haven't quite found the right thing for the top of this shelf though,
so this will do for now.
Maybe some fine art one day when we can afford it, not just the homemade stuff by yours truly.

New look for the unit.
I pretty much just spray painted everything on it a different color.

And then after 3 awful days, 3 really awful days,
these became this. 
Pinterest is full of great ideas. I just wish the ideas came with a "finished product time frame."
That would be really helpful.
Had I know this "Fine Art Gallery" was going to be so much work, I probably wouldn't have done it.

Oh, and I can't forget the awesome Ikea rug. 
I need that rug in every size, love it!

That's not all, but I will spare you the rest.
I know you woke up this morning thinking,
"Wow, I would really love to see every single room in Angie's house today"
but since I am pretty sure this is only interesting to me, I am going to stop here.

But you get the idea.
No more brown.
Lots of color, everywhere.

I am happy.
And I'm sure Vince is happy that the incredible spray paint mess in the garage is finally cleaned up.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's Up

Ivy is exhibiting, what I like to refer to as, her

"Sexy Pose"

Friday, February 17, 2012

Be Mine

I painted this.
All by myself. I'm sure you are impressed.
Keep in mind, I was 8 years old.
Sadly, since then, my painting skills have not improved much.
But my mother, being the nurturing and loving individual she is, has displayed this little treat every Valentine's Day for the past 20 years. 
She did inform me though that I could take it home this year ;)

Now on to her awesome parte'!

I think Josh is Jack's favorite person. Ever.
Who wouldn't love a guy who wants to build legos with you

 I had been put in in charge of the scavenger hunt. 
Oh dear.
But you have to admint, they are all pretty darn cute.

At the first stop on the hunt they found shirts for Disneyland.
As you can see, Brooke has already stretched hers to oblivion.

This stop was under the stairs and I couldn't stop laughing.
They all tried to squeeze into that tiny room.
I swear I was herding cats.

Once we were back home the kids got a little gift from us....
Minnie Mouse and Lego Batman Jammies. 
It was like I had given them a million dollars, they were stoked.
 Life is good.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3 & 4

As mentioned in my last post, I don't like to read.
I hate to read.
It has always felt like a chore.

After I saw a preview for this movie, I thought to myself....

That looks like a book I might be able to enjoy.

Sure enough, 3 days later I was done with New Years Resolution #3

Read a book in 2012

I have already bought the second book and I am ready to go.
Just so you know, the last book I read for fun was about.........3 years ago when my sisters made me read the Twilight books.  The first one took me a few weeks, and I never even finished the rest of them.

I did find myself walking around while reading it because my restless legs get out of control when reading, which is one of the main reason I don't read.

Good job Suzanne, you got me.

Now on to #4
Get Happy

It seems as though there has been this little black rain cloud following me around for the last few months.

I just can't put my finger on what it is.

So I decided that perhaps a little color and fun in house might help.

Today is my birthday, and Vince gave me a great start on this little project.

Isn't she fabulous?
The picture just doesn't do it justice.

It is bright teal with canary yellow.
Absolutely perfect.

I have bought LOTS of bright colored paint and I vow that this house will be brown and boring no more!

To be continued.....