Monday, May 19, 2014

Dance Pictures

Dance Pictures were May 8th

It was picture day for Brooke's Dance class, and Ivy is NOT in dance, but she felt very left out when we started getting Brooke all dolled up.

So we put her in Brooke's dance costume from last year and let her be a part of the fun. 

 These ones are so funny!

Oh how this girl LOVES wearing makeup! 

Dos Misioneros

Grandma & Grandpa Wheatley got their call!

We face-timed with everyone.  From Sandy to St. George to Rigby to Kentucky. 

Rosario Argentina, leaving August 11th!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


On the road for a great weekend at the Cabin!

Vince took off early Thursday so we could head out of town, he thought it might be nice to have a relaxing weekend at the cabin.  Looks like the joke was on him. 

He got put to work on finding the source of an awful smell in the kitchen.
We never found it.  But had a lot of fun watching Vince in scoop up rat poop. 

As always, we had a great time swimming at the cabin. 
Ivy FINALLY got to wear her "Airweal Shimshute"!

She LOVES the water!

Mmm, love that bum!

Mom is a sport and decided to have the grandkids color eggs!

Ivy's were award worthy. 

 And with Grandpa Alan in China, and even though she had been in the hospital just days earlier having surgery for a kidney stone, she still managed to pull off a fabulous Easter Egg Hunt. 

I took 4000+ pictures of Ivy picking up eggs!  So cute!

The way Brooke carried her bag like a purse made me smile!

Jack's eggs were camouflage and took him FOREVER to find!

We found many surprises this year at the cabin, including hundreds of tics!!!  Crawling all over us!  

And of course there were many surprises from the Easter Bunny!

Ivy was walking around feeding people candy from her basket that she didn't like.
She cracks me up!

Since we do most of our activities on Saturday, Easter Sunday is very relaxing....

Aside from all the cooking...

And the very dreaded family photo taking!!!

 She finally looked at me!

Jack is so much easier to work with

Vince on the other hand, NOT easy to work with!

Best picture we could get of me and the girls...I look 9 months pregnant, and you can see Ivy's diaper. Nice.

Once again a fabulous Easter!