Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Day In The Life Of....


Sometimes I think back to before 3 kids and wonder....What did I do all day?

Although, I do recall sitting in the back yard in a lawn chair, 9 months pregnant with Jack, sipping ice cold Diet Caffeine Free Mountain Dew and reading pregnancy magazines, in between naps.----Oh to go back to that time, even if just for a day.

Funny thing is, that 6 years from now I will probably be dreaming of going back to this current stage in my life.

 """Man, remember when I had 3 toddlers, a job, cancer, and was Primary President...those were the days.""""  

HA! Doubt it, but we'll see.


  • Up and at 'em
  •  Check Email, check Zulilly & Pick Your Plum, check Facebook to make sure nothing fabulous happened overnight, take Thyroid Pill, start getting ready for the day.

  • Good morning Jack, Brooke & Ivy. Start making breakfast, get vitamins and juice out. 
  • Get all the kids dressed and hair done.  Finish getting myself dressed. 
  • Out the door to run errands.  Monday is always Walmart Day. (some days we don't go anywhere in the morning and Ivy takes a morning nap and I get something accomplished)
  • Listen to Ivy scream in the car, and at the stores for the next 2 hours.
  • Return home.  Get lunch ready for the kids.  Wake up Ivy if she fell asleep on the way home. Get Jack ready for School.
  • Back in the car to take Jack to school. MWF I drive Kindergarten carpool. 
  • Thursdays Brooke has dance from 12-1pm. 
  • Oh blessed 1-2 hours that I can work.  I usually clean up lunch, list fabric on the website, take pictures of new collections, work on Primary stuff, and occasionally waste time on Pinterest. Sometimes I even have time to sew!  Brooke's naps are not as awesome as they used to be. She takes a nap about every other day. 
  • The girls are usually up by now and we watch out the window for Jack to get off the bus.
  • Jack is home around 3:20.
  • Mommy Time.  Every day for 1 hour I devote my time to the kids.  Something fun.  Sometimes a project, a game, a walk, a scavenger hunt, or baking something.  Thank you Pinterest, Mommy Time could not exist without you. 
  • Dinner Prep. This is the time of day that I usually lose it.  No patience, no tolerance for noise and messes, and usually a lot of yelling.  I am not proud of it...but it happens.  I am trying really really hard to smile from 4:30-5:30 every day. It's hard though. Ivy is whiny and they kids are usually really wound up. Dinner prep is my least favorite time of day. 
  • Dinner time.  I'm actually shocked that I weigh anything, I NEVER have time to eat. 
  • If we are lucky, Vince is home about this time.  Most nights it is around 7 he gets home.  He usually relieves me of the kids so I can do dishes and clean the kitchen without a little ankle biter trying to climb in the dishwasher and get the knives out. 
  • Get the kids ready for bed. Ivy's bedtime right now is about 7:30. The kids go to be at 8pm. Brooke usually comes out of her bed 10x before she actually goes to sleep.  So frustrating right now!
  • Fabric cutting in the basement.  Vince and I cut all the fabric orders from the day. Sometimes it only takes 10 minutes, sometimes it takes an hour or more. Sunday nights it is ALWAYS about an hour of cutting.  Then I stay in the basement and package up all the orders from the night and create shipping labels for them.  This ususally takes another hour. 
  • Most nights I try to work out at this time.  Sometimes I don't finish fabric work until 9:30 and just forget exercising. I feel bad abandoning Vince for the night and working out, but I don't think he minds his free time. 
  • I usually shower, take the rest of my pills, and answer emails.  Sometimes I stay up and work on Primary stuff. 
And then I go to sleep, and it starts again. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Halloween is officially over. 

Our Halloween was eventful to say the least.

I helped out at Jack's Kindergarten Party, and was in charge of doughnuts on a string. 

Brooke loved going to school for the day!

 Ivy had a great time running out the door every time Trick-or-Treaters came. 

 I had promised the kids those cool flashlights from Arctic Circle, and I had a little run in with the Drive Thru while picking dinner up.  
Ouch. I sobbed.  I have never dented anything and this is a major ordeal.  The passenger door won't even open anymore. :( Not a great way to end our Halloween. 

 But once I stopped crying we were all able to enjoy the night!

#2-Christmas Lights

Last weekend the weather was gorgeous, so we decided to get the lights up. 
Still no lights on the house this year, but Vince is coming around to the idea. MAYBE next year.


#3- The Election
 We are sad over here.  
We were BIG Romney supporters.  We are a little scared for what's next for this country. 

Jack was so excited. He didn't want to go to bed until he found out who won. 
Poor buddy was heartbroken the next morning when I told him. 

#4- Dance
Oh no, Brooke's dance class isn't over until May....but I am sooooo done!

It is the longest 45 minutes of my life, every week in the waiting room with this little punk!

She runs around CRAZY!  Digging through others' purses, poking babies, trying to get in baby carrier carseats, stealing toys, stealing treats, trying to play on other people's Ipads and phones, and finding all sorts of disgusting things on the floor to lick. 
Not to mention there is a staircase for climbing....Heaven help me.   

6 more months!!!!!!


 I found out the day of the election that my cancer levels are below detection!  Whahoo!!! It was the happiest day ever! I celebrated by buying new jeans, every woman's wish!

I don't' have to go back for 6 months!
Happy Dance!