Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's about time

We Finally got some snow.
And we finally aren't sick.

So we could finally go outside for some fun!

Brookelle decided that snow isn't fun. Maybe it's because she was forced to wear her brother's ugly old boy boots. Yup, that would have done it for me too.

We went out this morning to shovel some snow, and Uncle Trevor came over from next door and took Jack on a shovel ride. I wonder if that is a new Winter Olympic Event we will see next month.

And for some crazy reason, perhaps it is all this staying inside we have done, my kids are obsessed with playing with this laundry basket. Good thing we aren't sick anymore, my kids need some interaction with the outside world.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"A Goat in Girl's Clothing"

: Noun: 1. a short, stringy-haired animal. Running around on all fours.
A. Enjoys eating anything but food.

We keep our goat in a pen.

One morning when I went to get the goat out of the pen, I noticed she had black specs of something all around her mouth and face. She was also chewing something. Sure enough our little goat had bit a marble sized chunk out of the crib, and was eating it! I FREAKED!

Luckily, this goat keeper has mountains of fabric, so a fabric bandage was made to protect our little goat from eating lead paint chips, and to protect our crib!

What a joy it is, to fish little pieces of wood and paint out of my daughters mouth.

This was not our first experience

Brooke enjoys paper. Little pieces of paper to be exact.

She especially enjoys putting them in her mouth, or on her face.
Her favorite spot: under her nose
And if nowhere else, between her toes.

This little girl has an odd fascination with sticking things between her toes.
Paper is usually the number 1 substance of choice, then fabric, and at least once a day you will find her walking around with a piece of cereal nested in that crevasse.
Just today, an eyelash curler, a cord, her fork, my fabric tape measure, a little train engineer figurine, a lego, a pretend cookie, and of course this piece of cereal were found lodged between her toes.

I hope she isn't preparing for a future of painting with her feet!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Sympathy for the Un-Dead

I have officially lost my mind.

I have taken to telling complete strangers, complete lies.

Here is what happend.

I got my Dish Network bill in the mail and it had a $10.00 late fee, the bill was twice the usual rate and said that they never received my check from last month.

I figure there must be some mistake, as I did in fact pay that bill and send a check. So I decide to call the Customer Service Line and work it out-BAD idea!

First: It took 6+ minutes for me to explain to the fake man on the phone what I wanted to do.
He says he'll transfer me.

I get cut off.

6 more minutes of talking to the fake man.

Then I hold for 7 minutes. I am not upset yet, but things are brewing.

Dish Network: Hello, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
blah=all the words I could not understand because I swear they weren't in English.
How can I help you?

Me: Yes, there was a little problem with my bill and I just want to see where the mix up was.

Dish Network: Of course Mam, and to whom am I speaking.

Me: Angie

Dish Network: Okay Miss Angie, what is the trouble?

Me: On my current statement it says that you never received my payment for last month.

Dish Network: Excuse me Mam, who am I speaking with again.

Me: Angie

Dish: Are you Mrs. Byram?

Me: Yup.

Dish: Is your name by chance James?

Me: Nope, it's A-n-g-i-e (I didn't spell it out, but I said it slowly and annunciated)

Dish: Well Mam, it looks like you are not the primary account holder, so I can not give you any information about this account.

Now that I see why he wanted my name, I know I am going to get nothing accomplished. This is where it takes a turn for the worse.

Me: Well, I just need to know how much to make this check out for, that I am going to mail today ;)

Dish: Sorry, you aren't the primary account holder and I can't give out information.

Me: Oh please, I just need to know what I owe you, that's all.

Dish: Nope. Sorry, I will need to speak with James, then he can authorize you on the account.

Me: Well, James isn't here.

I know that Vince is never home, and it will take quite a long time for him to actually call them to find this out for me, and I really wanted to know what I owed! And by now, I am not happy.

Dish: Maybe he could call us later.

Me: I am the one who pays the bill, so can't you just tell me what I owe?

Dish: No.

Me: Just ask me all the questions you would James, to verify he is the account holder. I know the account number, his social, and all his passwords. Just ask me the questions, I promise I know the answers.

Dish: No. I need to talk to James.


Me: Well..... what if James died?

I totally said this as a joke, and partly to see what he would say.

Dish: I am sorry for your loss, but I can't give you anymore information. Okay Mam, have a nice day.

Click- He totally hung up on me.

Moral of this story: Hang up before you make a total fool of yourself.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


We are sick. So sick. We all have the nastiest cough, cold, crap, crud you can imagine. So we did nothing this week! So I thought I would post a few more pictures of our exciting & exhausting trip to Utah!

Note: Vince is absent from all the pics, because he left us in Utah. I guess he wasn't ready for a Week 'O' Fun!

The entire fam (minus a few husbands) went Ice Skating. Seriously, so fun!

Here is Katherine helping me with Jack
she was husbandless too!
Note to self: Don't wear skinny jeans when going Ice Skating-No Good!

We went swimming one day too! My dad was in charge of Brooke-So he taught her a few things.
That water was FREEZING!

Jungle Jim's Playland-Need I say more!
I call this one: "Big Mom in a little Boat!" People were shielding their eyes as I got in and out!

We also had some fun in the snow!
Don't be jealous of my amazing Reindeer skills.

I had to add this one in. Even though Jack was feeling really sick, he still wanted to play Rock Band with everyone. He had a little bounce while he played. ♥ Don't you just want to eat him up in his Woody Jammies?

If you can actually get this video to work- Give yourself a pat on the back.
I have no idea how to add video :(