Sunday, March 30, 2014


Sometimes I could just eat them!!!

but sometimes I could beat them too!


I threw St. Patrick's Day together in a minute. Seriously, one minute. 

With my phone being toast, Kindergarten registration, and running all over town trying to get tubs and doors bought for the new house, I didn't even have 3 extra minutes in the day. 

But our little impromptu party came together nicely. 

While the kids ate, I wrote out a little scavenger treasure hunt, and hid the clues right around them, good thing they are always so clueless as to whatever I am doing!

 Jack read all the clues, so nice that he can read now!

I grabbed some toys that I had saved from Christmas and used them as the prize. 
They loved it.
I love that they are easily pleased!

Kindergarten Shots

Guess who's going to Kindergarten this Fall????

It was time to get her shots, and she was super thrilled.

She wasn't feeling so lucky that St. Patrick's Day...

 But a little Root Beer makes everything better. 

Note:  Day of Kindergarten registration they took the kids back to screen them. 
I was wrestling in the hall (wrestling is putting it lightly) with Ivy and when Brooke came back with the teacher, the teacher asked me how we spell our last name.

She looks at her chart and looks back at me, "What?"

Byram. B.y.r.a.m, I say.

She looks at me again thoroughly confused. 

"So it's not "E.l.l.e?"

Me: Huh? Oh wait a minute. 

Apparently my soon to be Kindergartner doesn't even know what her last name is. 

The lady had asked her "What's your name?"
Brookelle responded "Brooke"

Then the lady must have asked "What's the rest of it?" or "What's the last part of your name?"
She responded: "E.l.l.e" spelling out the last part of her first name. 

Good golly. She is quite the blond!

Saturday Rides

 On the 15th we decided it was a nice enough day to head over to G & G Byrams and break out the 4 wheelers!

The neighborhood we live in is not a great place to ride them, so we are storing  them there and the kids miss them.

There they go!

 Ivy insisted on wearing goggles and I couldn't stop laughing!

 My favorite part was when George said he would bring the little 4 wheeler in!  He looked awesome!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bye Bye Binkie

For the past few months, she only got it at nighttime. 
And if she was sick.
And on long car rides. 
I was totally enabling her. 

It was becoming habit for her to "Sneak Bink" behind the chair in her room, if she got it off the dresser while no one was looking. 

if she is old enough to know it is "naughty", then she is old enough to go with out. 

I was terrified to do it. But I did it, saving it in the closet for an emergency at 2am.  Luckily, no emergency.  
She is now 1 week sober, and life is good, for everyone. 


Jack was getting tired of the usual "Sunday Before Church Picture".

So on this particular Sunday he requested props.

Good call Jack, good call.

Western Day

Brooke was sooooo excited for Cowgirl Day at Preschool

And you better believe that Ivy was NOT about to miss out. 

Winner Winner "Pork" Dinner

The School sent home a flyer about a Piggy Bank Beauty Contest for the Bank of Commerce.

All you had to do was build a Piggy Bank, out of anything you wanted, and turn it into one of the locations.
I told Jack No WAY!  I didn't have time to do that, and really didn't want to deal with it.

But he just big fat went and did it anyway. 

And it turned out awesome. Bank robber on top, cop at the drive thru window, security cameras, desks inside, a vault and safe, and the hole in the top for the money. 

All I did was the Bank of Commerce sticker. 


$50 Check + Pig Trophy = The Happiest 1st Grader Ever!

Can't believe I discouraged him from entering. What is the matter with me? 

These pics are terrible, but they captured how giddy he was!

 Way to go JACK!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Skiing We Will Go

Ever since the Olympics started, Jack has been obsessed with skiing. He was dying to go. 

Vince decided he would take a Saturday off and take Jack to Targhee. 
Then somehow Brooke and I got roped into it too. 

Friday night we went to rent skis.......NOT FUN! The kids were a disaster, mostly Ivy. 

We dropped Ivy off at Grandma Jane's early Saturday morning for the day and headed up to Driggs. 
There was sooooo much snow!

We had signed the kids up for a private 1.5 hour lesson, together. 

 We left them, and Vince took me on the bunny hill for my own lesson. 
Here we are riding the Magic Carpet.  He is calm, I am not!
I have only ever been skiing once before....when I was 9!!!!

I survived the bunny hill, so Vince went and bought me a lift pass.....that I did not want. 

(Thanks Katherine for our fabulous "crochet wear")

He dragged me up the lift
and had me pose for a very unnatural photo. 
I was so completely uncomfortable on the skis. We got off the lift and I headed down the hill, out of control, and before smashing into a tree, I tipped myself over and wiped out hard.
I had decided I was done, but still had a lot of hill to go down. 
I made it, and we even made one more run before we had to go pick up the kids. I was quite proud of myself on the second run, I did great!

We finished our second run in time to see the kids finishing their lesson.

 Brooke was having mixed feelings about the day, as was I!

Brooke and I decided that we would hang back, and let the boys go up the lift. 

Lunch in the lodge!

 It started snowing REALLY HARD about this time. Jack and Vince were having a great time on the bigger hills

Vince was great at helping Brooke down the little hill...

 But I was not. Beginner helping a beginner = tears. 

 The boys went back up the lift, and you could hardly see anymore because it was snowing so hard, so Brooke and I headed to the truck. 

My boots were cutting into my leg and we were literally snowmen by the time we got to the truck, which was covered in 3ft of snow!
If felt so good to sit down and relax while we waited for the boys. 

What a day! We had so much fun.  Wore Brooke right out!