Friday, November 11, 2016

Sunday Snapshots


Ivy had so much at her preschool carnival. Brooke was the only one who came with her. We had cheer that night and went straight from cheer  to the carnival. The girls had to get dressed in the car. 

I love that Ivy still lets me dress her in cute little outfits. 

 She is so funny. 

Ivy picked out this queen of hearts costume and she loved it! 
It was love at first sight. She wouldn't leave the store without it. 

And lucky for her she got to wear it 100 times!
Dance Halloween party. 

She came home and asked if she could put her pajamas on like I do, uh, okay!

She's my little daytime buddy, well her and James. 

Right now she LOVES to go to the mall! And wear skirts! 

And I LOVE that she will let me take pictures of her all dressed up! 

Beautiful Sunday