Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sunday Drive to Mesa Falls

After Stake Conference on the 14th of June, we went for a little long drive!

 We packed lunch and ate it on the Ashton High School football field, because apparently Ashton does NOT have a park!

We finally made it! 

 Vince proposed to me here 11.5 years ago, on February 28th, 2004. 

 Ivy was unsure about the furs int he visitor's center.

 James had finally had enough! 

Here's a little flashback to that night! 
Everyone was so tired on the way home!

But we had to feed James again, so we stopped at the St. Anthony City Park

This Kid

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The boy is nine!

Jack got a Kindle for his birthday, and everything else pretty much got tossed aside. 

 I told him instead of a bday party this year, he could have a late night with one if his friends.

Problem was, he had 3 buddies that he couldn't decide between.  So I caved and let him invite all 3. 

It was CRAZY!
 We started at 6pm and Vince took them home around 10:15pm.  It was a long night! They ate pizza, played basketball, watched a movie and played some games. 

He sure had a blast though! Happy Birthday Jack!

Jacks 9 Year Photo Shoot

This year I let Jack be in charge of his Birthday pics. He chose everything.
And I think he did a pretty good job. 

And while we were at the park taking pics, the girls wanted one too! 

First Week of Summer

It hopes to keep my kids from falling into a vegetative state, I told them that we would get out and do at least 1 fun thing each week during the Summer. It wasn't going to be easy with James, and 4 kids is a lot for 1 mom, but we would at least try.

1. Maria invited them over to swim one day

2. We hit up the Lake with the cousins one day. It was so hot, but James did amazing!!!

3. The Rexburg Nature Park- The Duck Park

 This trip ended up being much harder than I anticipated. Hauling bikes was hard!

Sunday Snapshots