Tuesday, December 16, 2014


You know it's Christmas time when Buddy arrives. 

This year he is pretty boring. Just sitting in a new spot everyday.
I don't' blame him. I am tired too. 

And you know it's Christmas when the red and black church outfits come out. 

And when the tree goes up. Bless Vince's heart for doing it this year. My big belly and the ladder are bad combination. 

 And when the snowflakes start falling. 

It feels amazing to be in our new house and decorate for Christmas. I wondered for a long time if this day would ever come!

I love it!

And tis the Season for Christmas Parties. This year we held the first ever company party for Vince's business and employees. 
We were both so worried about it. We were in charge, 1/2 speak Spanish, 1/2 speak English, but it all went great! I took this pic before heading to confirm my outfit of choice with my sistas, and it ended up being a little bumpdate, 24 1/2 weeks. 


That week we also had the ward Christmas party. They announced they were having an ugly sweater contest. I figured I better support the ward and dress us all up. We got there, and NOBODY was dressed up in ugly sweaters. I wanted to die! Shame on those RS leaders who planned the party and announced it and didn't even have the guts to dress up. Shame on them. But two other ladies showed up in sweaters and then I didn't feel like running out the door so much. 

I did however feel like running out the door with Ivy! She is always so naughty everywhere we go.  

 Brooke's room got a little festive for the season as well, but this decor will stay up year round. Vince wanted to kill me over those dots. They were such a disaster. They ended up being too far apart in the end, but they are never being moved. Ever. 

My early Christmas present came in the form of handing over my Primary President duties to someone else.
I have loved it, don't get me wrong, but the stress of the job + pregnancy was finally taking me down. It was time anyway. I was sad to saw goodbye to the Primary kids, and my own kids in Primary, but it is definitely for the best. 


23 weeks


We shot this pic in one take with the tripod.  We are getting gooooood. 

Thanksgiving morning we got up and I got started on the rolls. That was my assignment. 
I ended up with 4 pans like the 2 below. 

Once I had all 4 batches raising, we did a little craft while watching the parade.

Then we headed over the river and through the woods, or neighborhood, to Grandma's house for dinner!

It was so great! Ivy even wore herself out watching a movie on Daddy's phone and fell asleep.

 Then we caught her a little while later pulling her pants up like my maternity pants. 
She was holding her shirt with her chin. We all watched from the kitchen laughing hysterically. Maybe I shouldn't get dressed in front of her anymore...

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Santa Fail

The Saturday before Thanksgiving there was a little craft fair in Rigby. Santa was going to be there so I got the kids all dressed up for a photo with the big guy and we headed out in the rain. 

Got the craft fair, and Jack took one look at Santa, who had FAKE beard (and a really bad one at that) and said, "Mom, he is definitely not the real one."  So we didn't even waste a photo and dragging Ivy to see him.  We just left. 

But they looked so cute I decided to take a few more photos at home and got this cute one. Too bad I had already ordered my Christmas cards!

Festival of Trees

Brooke's dance group performed at the Festival of Trees in Idaho Falls at the Shiloh Hotel.
This was their first performance of the year and I think we were all nervous!

 I got a front row seat, and Vince even showed up just as they took the stage. Perfect timing.

 She did so great!

And you know Ivy always needs a photo too!

Sunday Shenanigans

After church we usually go to Grandma Jane's for dinner.  And the kids LOVE to play with her old wigs!

 November 9th was the Primary Program. Phew, so glad when it was over!

The next Sunday I let Ivy wear underwear to church. She did great! Mostly because Vince took her home halfway through because she wouldn't stop coughing.