Thursday, October 24, 2013


 He might...


All the.....

 I was so proud of my little man this year at football.  5 touchdowns in all!!!  And we cheered like crazy every game!  See my hideous cheer face!

I love that he has found something he loves. 

For 7 Saturdays he was on cloud 9. 

 Grandpa & Grandma Wheatley even came up from Utah see our little star in action!

And he did it again....

He faked left, and ran right....

And grinned like he had just won the superbowl!
 And he just kept on going, all the way!
 We were glad he made a touchdown that day, cause we froze our buns off cheering him on!

 He was so sad to see the season end. 

His coach was the best. 

After every game, he told them, "Good job today boys, now go give your mom a hug."

He told them after the last game that if they like playing football, then they better do good in school. Otherwise, they won't be able to play football.  
So cute.

He was the reason Jack loved football this year, I guarantee it. 

And here is one last touchdown sequence.  This was the only day I had my good camera to capture it!

He even got away from that kid and made a touchdown. He was so glad to go out with a bang at that last game!

Go 49rs!!!

Giddy Up!

Brooke had a fabulous birthday!

And she surely deserved it. Her last few birthdays have been kind of a bust. 

She couldn't believe she got a horse for Mckenna!

And she got to wear her new dress and boots to school!

After Preschool, Grandma Wheatley arrived to party with us!

 And then Grandma Jane brought over some new wheels for our cowgirl for when her horse is in the shop!

I had one like this when I was little!  Razor scooters are crap, so we got her the real deal!

Waiting for the party to start was pure torture for little Brookie!

 I believe I loved the set up as much as the party. 

We decided last minute to move the party outside because it was a fabulous day!

Good decision.  It was perfect out there. 


 One by one, the guests started to arrive.

Grandma Wheatley and Ivy were first to attend....

 Followed by Lilly and Anna

 And Madalyn and Claire

 Then it was off to the races!
 If only you could have witnessed the barrel racing.  It was ridiculous cute!

 And pin the Ribbon on the horse was cute too!

 They made some cowgirl necklaces...

The Birthday girl made her wishes...

 And then it was time for presents! 

 Brooke is so lucky to have such a fun little group of friends. They were all so well behaved and sweet and the party was a great success.  And I for sure couldn't have done it without her two Grandma's there to help!

I may have been a sweaty mess when all was said and done....but that is a given with anything I am in charge of!

Happy Birthday Brookie, we love you so much!