Saturday, February 26, 2011

Accept It

At this point, I just need to accept....

1-That my pre-pregnancy jeans will no longer work with this.

2-That this little man will always have his 6 insurance covered Dr. visits used up by the end of February. Every Year!
 3- That the snow will never end. And not just the snow, but the freezing cold temps.  So until it does, we will keep resorting to useless and cheap indoor entertainment.
 Like Sock Puppets, made from whatever we could find.

 And chicken/rooster/barnyard friend cup noise maker things.

4- That this is the ONLY place and time in our home when these two rascals play nicely.

5-We will be sick forever.  All 4 of us have been sick this week.  Vince didn't go to work NOT ONE DAY this week. Those of you who know Vince would have to assume he was near death to miss this much work. And yes, he is.
The kids and I are handling it okay, but they seriously haven't left the house (except for 1 trip to the Dr.) for 6 DAYS! Hence the need for the useless and cheap entertainment.

 6-I need to accept that my nursery will never look like this.
So I might as well quit dreaming about it.

7- And, that if cancer is truly going to make a comeback during this pregnancy, I need to just accept it.  And quit crying about it, because it is what it is. We will survive.

8-I WILL have to wait 1 more week to find out if our newest addition will be a boy or girl. 
I hope I can make it that much longer.  I am DYING to know. Either way though, I guess they come out pretty darn cute!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentines, Random, Hawaii etc.

 I made Brooke a new Valentine's skirt and needed her to model it for my other blog, and sure enough, she never disappoints.  I LOVE the hand behind her back. What a character.

 And then of course, Jack wanted his picture taken too! I love the picture of them on table together.  Totally captured their personalities.  Jack wanted to show everyone his Scriptures that he carries around like a treasure, and Brooke held up her church treasure too, her Goldfishies.

We had a fabulous Valentines Day! Vince took the day off and we did absolutely nothing. Perfect.

And now, Random Brooke.

 She is mischeivious.  She closes her eyes in almost every photo (just like her mother). And when she concentrates really hard, her tongue comes out (just like her Grandma).


We went to Hawaii this weekend. 
 Or, Grandpa and Grandma went to Hawaii and brought the kids home some fun stuff.

This was my absolute favorite part of the night. I love you Dad!

Was that not the best?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


We are totally boring.
We haven't done anything fun lately.
Pretty much because we live in Antarctica.
No joke, the high the other day was like 4 degrees!

So we have done a little bathtub swimming
Always a hit!

And we have made a little homemade ice cream

It may be noisy, but very entertaining.

and I guess it was good!

And I had a fabulous B-day on Tuesday
I am getting so old ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

15 Weeks & Praying

You might as well get used to seeing pictures like this, as I like to compare pregnancies.
I am growing and praying.  Praying that my nausea (which seems to be getting worse by the day) will lighten up a bit, and that my eyes will stop crying without reason, and that my nasty Bronchitis will take a hike.

In the meantime, I have been keeping myself busy getting ready for my favorite month.


Did you know that Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday?

Betcha didn't!

But it is, I have no idea why.

I love February for Valentine's Day, my birthday, and that's all I can come up with.  But I love it.

This year I went a little crazy with Valentine's projects.

Table Runner

Rosette Wreath & Fabric Topiary Trees

 Heart Wreath and Heart Ornaments

 And I finally figured out how to get my silhouette machine to only eat 1/2 of the stuff I feed into it, so this little vinyl treat came about. And I totally copied those framed hearts from
THIS blog.  And my heart wreath from THIS blog.
 Hey, it's freakishly frigid outside and there isn't much else to do.

I did round up all the kiddos for a fun project though.


 We each made our own cookie out of the edible playdough

 My sweet little heart.          Vince is always such a showoff.

 But sadly, the cookies don't last forever.   As soon as Jacks fell off the stick there was instant heartbreak.

Here is a link to the Recipe, they were delish!

Happy February Everyone!