Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Elsa!

I mean Brooke! 

 This sweet girl is 6! And loves Elsa! 

We were supposed to go to Disneyland the weekend before, but we were moving, and didn't go. We hadn't even told the kids about it because we weren't sure if it was going to happen. But I had bought some dresses for the girls to wear to Disney and they had to get worn at somepoint, so I let her wear it to school....which I NEVER do!

 Oh yea, Ivy got one too!

We had a little party. And by little I mean we invited only the girls from the ward.....ALL 14 OF THEM! 
It was crazy, and she was sad she couldn't invite her friends from dance and school, but we had to just stick to the ward this time around. 

We colored Frozen pictures, threw snowballs at a stuffed Olaf, played pin the nose on Olaf, and did a snowflake walk. 

They got a candy if they got out, to try and keep little girls from crying, but then they all just wanted to be out and the game was kind of a bust. 

It came down to Brooke and Madison. Madison won! 

She blew out the candles before we were all done singing, little fart! I barely got a picture! 

Her pile of presents was insane. I knew I should had put on the invitation "No Presents Please" !

And there was no better night to break out the jammies I bought for Disneyland too! 

Happy Birthday Brookie! 

Bumpdate- 17 Weeks

I have pretty thick ever since I found out that #4 was on the way, but at about 17 weeks it started to look more like a pregnant belly than just a big lunch! 

Flag Football 2014 Season

We are Seahawks fans this year! 

Jack made a touchdown at the very first game, and that was his only one all season.
But this okay, we cheered him on every game and he got to play on the same team as his best buddy Quinn.

 Here is a quick photo tour of the season.

This one is by far my favorite! 

Well, and this one! 

This is the very last game, and he ran the ball right in front of me....well done buddy. 

I didn't even have to get out of my chair to take these. That's my boy, always looking out for his lazy mom. 

Can't wait til next year! 

Conference Weekend

 The kids had Thursday and Friday off of school, so Vince took the day off and decided to attempt Table Rock one more time with Jack this year. 

Sadly, there were greeted with snow, again! 
Maybe next year boys! 

The girls and I stayed at home trying out the new tubs, 

and meeting our first house guest! 
Biggest Spider EVER!!!!!

Goodnight House

Thursday October 2nd was the best day ever.
We moved a lot of our stuff from Grandma Jane's over to the house and
we got to sleep in the new house for the first time. 

 Everyone was so excited to have their beds back!