Wednesday, October 14, 2015


While I stayed in Utah for a week after the 4th of July, I took the kids VERY last minute to get some pictures done. I schedule the appointment in the morning and we went at 2:30. We were scrambling through the clothing items I brought and we put together a nice little combo. 

Fotofly in Draper is only $88 for all these pictures! Amazing deal! At least I thought it was! 

 There were lots of other pictures but these ones are my favorites! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The 4th - Welcome Home Grandpa and Grandma Wheatley

We headed down on the 2nd of July! We were so excited to see Grandma & Grandpa Wheatley who returned home from their mission to Argentina the day before. 
 We stopped at a park along the way to feed James and it is soooo HOT! We had the place to ourselves.

After the longest car ride EVER! We finally made it to Draper! 

 It was so good to have them home for good! 

The 3rd

We rented a pool in Liz'z neighborhood again. 

 James first time swimming for reals! 

He didn't like it much. 

 Then we had the best sno cones EVER! 

 Oh how I love these two boys. My two favorite James' right there. 

The 4th

Great Grandpa stopped by bright and early to say hi. 

 These two together are the best! 

Then we went on a hike.
I was NOT prepare for how long it was. I barely had enough bottles for James and didn't even bring a back pack to bring them in. 

Stinging nettle anyone? 

 Luckily Vince was willing to wear James because I could NOT! I was too busy whining about how hard the hike was.

 We took a quick break to feed the baby and it started to rain! 

Brook fell and needed carried. Thanks uncle John! 

 The Party

 Taurean's bday is the 4th. Katherine was super hoping that Baby Ruby would come, but she didn't. 


Brooke walked into the dining room crying because she said she couldn't eat because her tooth was bugging her. I said, "Let's have daddy pull it out."  NO!!! She said.
So funny as she walked out of the room she turned around said giggling, "Oh, it just fell out!" As she spit it into her hand. 

Daddy went home and we got stay for a whole week!