Monday, April 30, 2012

Some People Live in a Mud House

This is for you Grandma Wheatley!

Brooke gave a talk in Primary yesterday.
As if my first day as Primary President wasn't crazy enough, why not throw in a talk I had to help her with.
I adapted this talk from a talk that me and ALL my siblings gave in Primary. I still remember my big debut.....I believe the original images where drawn by dad, and they were superbly-awesome!

This video is hilarious.

#1 I throw some killer looks at Jack who is in the distance making fun of her.

#2 We told Brooke to talk loud for the camera, which to her meant, talk in a low and very strange monotone voice. I laughed at the way she talked for about 20 minutes.  I am giggling right now just thinking about it.  When we practiced she did it in a high squeaky voice, but in front of the camera she makes the funniest voice. It was much better in Primary, even though the dumb new primary president couldn't figure out how to turn the microphone on!

#3 My facial expressions are absolutely ridiculous.  Someone shoot me. Do I make those in real life?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

We Ride

As mentioned in the post below, I got this little pink bike to teach Jack how to ride without training wheels.
Which after 2 seconds we realized he could totally do!
 So about 4 hours later, we decided to try the bigger bike minus the trainers....

I can't believe I ever doubted him!
 We were so worried about teaching him to ride, since he is a bit of a sensitive soul. 
Stupid parents, what do we know?
He didn't even wobble once!
Nice job Jack!

 We spent the day riding bikes in the freezing cold!
But that didn't stop Uncle Trevor from bringing the kids Popsicles and making a sticky dirty mess out of Brooke's face!

Ahh, at last the pink bike was back with it's rightful owner---Plus some new training wheels.

This goofball does the weirdest things when I ask her to smile. 
But I do love Jack in the background.
All serious about the road ahead of him. 

Tonight.....WE RIDE!


In case you didn't know, I am a magician.

I made this whole blog disappear from my life for almost 3 weeks.

And over the past few weeks, all these things have magically appeared:

  • A couples retreat with Vince's High School buddies and wives
  • A call to be the Primary President- AHHHHHH!
  • My worst Migraine since 2010
  • A trip to the Dinosaur exhibit at the Museum
  • Pain and a possible hernia for me
  • A new lump in my neck
  • Multiple trips to different Doctors, ultrasounds, blood work, the whole nine yards.
  • Huge fabric sale on my website and lots of fabric cutting.
  • Lots of Primary meetings
  • 80 degrees and snow in the same week.
  • We started soccer

Attention***** Attention***** Attention

We interrupt this extremely boring blog post with some very exciting news!

As I was writing this very post, Vince came inside screaming for me to come outside!
 What! We hadn't even taught him how yet.
 He just jumped on this little bike in the garage and started going!
 My little man is all growed up.

 Here's the 411:

 I found this sweet little bike for $10 at a Thrift Store in Rigby a few days ago.
I thought it would be perfect for teaching how to ride training-wheel-less. 
 Sure it is pink, and has a few girly touches.....but I assured Jack that this bike was just for practice.  He has a really tall boy bike and it's just too tall for learning. 
Brooke's poor little heart can hardly stand watching him riding around something pink.
She is sure it is hers.

I laid it on the floor in the garage and told Jack that when Daddy was home we would teach him how to ride it.  Apparently he didn't need us.  He just jumped on it and started riding around.  
That was easy.
Looks like we can scratch "Teach Jack to ride a 2-wheeler" off the summer to-do list!

Here are just a few of the phone pics from the past few weeks

Preschool Easter Egg Hunt

 Dinosaur Museum 

 A quick lunch at Target while out and about one afternoon

 Lot's of car boredom

 80 degrees and sunscreen on Monday

30 degrees and snow on Friday

 Brooke started PeeWee Soccer, so cute!
She is the one in pink, she is such a teacher's pet.

Ivy continues to keep me on my toes. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Week O Fun - Utah Edition

We have been in Utah.
And somehow I convinced Vince to join in the fun for almost an entire week.
I know, I'm good ;)

We got a late start on the trip, so we stopped in Tremonton to fill up :)

The whole reason for this trip was my appointment to meet with this man...
Photo of Bhupendra Patel, M.D., FRCS, FRC

Oh believe me, he was even more fun in real life.
He is an Eye Oculoplastic and Facial Plastic Surgeon.
We talked about removing my nose to fix my eyes, and so forth.
More on this subject to come....

After that delightful appointment, we headed to Thanksgiving Point with all the cousins!

 Cow tipping?

Stinky smells?
It's all part of the experience.

Pony Rides

 We know that green!
   Us country folk were starting to feel right at home.

 We ended Wednesday with a fun little hayride.

How about the Aquarium?

More stinky smells, and a LOT of people.
 Oh, but they loved it.

Even miss Ivy was worn out after the fishies.  You know she is tired when she falls asleep mid-baba.

 Sometimes I try a little too hard to make the holidays fun for the kids.
In light of the Easter holiday, I decided to have the kids make Easter Chocolate Candy Mold Sucker Things.

Result: Big mess, nobody even liked them.
At least I tried.

For Savannah's 7th Birthday, we all met at Kneaders for breakfast for some All You Can Eat French Toast!
For those of you who have had it, you know what I mean when I say "Num num num!"
Those of you who haven't....SHOULD!

We celebrated Savannah's B-day dinner at 
Pizza Planet (or something like that)
 Jack was about 1/8" too short for this ride, but the employee let him go!  Best day of his life.

Brooke's first experience with Arcade games.  She likey.

 No hands, what a thrill.

In case you didn't know, the Easter Bunny visits us on Saturday.
Always has.

Trying to get all 3 lined up for a picture was a real treat.

At lunch it was time for Grandma & Grandpa's Easter Extravaganza!


 There just aren't enough words for this picture.

Egg Hunt

 Liz's little Lilly Bug is just a hoot.

 Brookie loves Great Grandpa Wheatley

Ivy and Samuel

We spotted these two hooligans on the deck squirting each other in the arm pit with a squirt bottle, and laughing hysterically. 
 Funniest thing ever.

The after party was moved to the tub.
 A good time for all.

 I spent any free time during the week making these little outfits.
And trashing my poor Mother's sewing room.
 Last minute Easter dresses.  Not my best idea.
 I got the whole fam dressed up Sunday morning, took some pictures, and then undressed them all.
That's right, we didn't even go to church.
 Don't judge, it just didn't suit.

These are my favorite:
Take 1
 Take 2
 Take 3
 Take 4
 Take 5

Ivers prefers an individual session

Then we packed up the car and headed home.