Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Table Mountain

In the end of June, Jack and Vince hiked Table Rock, and finally made it to the summit. 
They have tried two other times but ran into bad weather and had to turn around. 

It was around 14 miles round trip.

Baseball 2015

Happy Father's Day

Modern Plumbing Lagoon Day

June 20th was Lagoon Day! 

 It was so hot!

This is easily my favorite picture from the day!

Abby came with us, and we would have DIED without her! 

Poor Brooke almost did die. She fell off a cinderblock wall she was walking along and it took 1/2 her leg. It was right after lunch and I was ready to call it a day. (We had been there 2 hours) 

 James did soooo good!  What a trooper! 

We spend like $20 trying to win a Minion or a unicorn. No luck. 

 We left around 3pm. I was not mad. It was so hot and we were all so done! 

We headed back to Draper and the sisters watched the kids so Vince and I could go see a movie for the first time in like forever. Jurassic World! I was so nervous the whole time and checked my phone every 5 minutes. I should have known the girls had it under control and James would be just fine. It was the first time we had left him!