Friday, June 25, 2010

A mind of her own

Where to start.....

She never ceases to amaze me. She did all this by herself.

And the doll bink?

She sucked on it for 2 hours. Apparently she is trying to prove a point.
What am I going to do with her?

She is constantly trying to take her top off. An issue I hope to have fixed by her teen years.

When she sets her mind to something, she means it! She had a death grip on this balloon for hours.

This is HER space. Don't even think about invading it, or she'll slap you. Poor Jack gets slapped alot.

For those of you who know her, I am sure you can hear the sound she is making in this picture.

She loves to ride her horse with her eyes closed. Not recommended. Last week she accidentally rode it down the stairs.

She wants to remain the baby, in every possible way.

She thinks she is pretty hot stuff. The teenage years are going to kill me.

In spite of it all. We do love her.
It's a good thing she's cute.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Best Week Ever

You know that show on VH1

"Best Week Ever"

Yeah, we totally would have won that last week.

You name it, we did it!

We spent a week in Utah at Grandpa and Grandma's, and as always, it did not disappoint.

Build A Bear
I caught Brooke eating the fluff out of her Bunny, Yum.
Jack named his Tiger "Superman".
All the kiddies!

We had a picnic lunch nearly everyday!

Matchy Matchy, Green squared! (That's for you Dad)

Brooke was terrified on the Train and didn't move a muscle.

Water Slide
Grandma bought a water slide for her backyard. Hours of fun!
I even went down a few times. Look out below!


Happy Father's Day!

All of us looking, smiling, with our eyes open!
Miracles do happen!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday Boy!


All Jack wanted to do for his Birthday was go bowling. So bowl we did. Grandma Wheatley, Aunt Abby and his cousin Josh all came up from Utah for the occasion.

Did you know if you go bowling on your Birthday you get a bowling pin!!
He was on cloud 9.
Vince kicked all of our trash. He claims he's never bowled before, but getting a strike or spare in every frame I would say requires practice.

Such Good Form

After bowling we went out for a birthday lunch. Just so you know, Applebees WILL NOT sing Happy Birthday to your little birthday boy. They don't do that there. The devastation in my little man's eyes was heart breaking.
He tried to have a good time anyways.

Brooke was sad about the birthday song too!


We decided to get Jack the most expensive/fancy/high tech Swing Set around!

Ummmm......Okay, not really.

It was hit regardless.

Jack opened his swing set in the garage, because it was icky weather outside, but luckily it cleared up by the end of the evening and we could move the swing set outside.

He got a "Big Boy Bike" from Grandma Wheatley and he rode it around all day long. He gasped with delight when opened up every present. He loved everything he got!

Since I am not quite the woman I was last year, Jack's cake got a downgrade from last years cake. I let him pick out everything he wanted to decorate his own cake. The cake, frosting, toys and treats for the cake were all his idea. He loved decorating it himself. New tradition.

He couldn't fall asleep Saturday night because "I don't want my birfday to be over!" He kept saying. Finally at 10:30pm, he let go, and fell asleep.

Happy Birthday Little Man!