Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Prepare yourself, there are LOTS of pictures!

After Halloween, I told the kids we had to throw away their pumpkins.
Result: Major meltdowns
So we constructed these little turkey friends (thank you Pinterest),
and as you can see, they were super thrilled!
I think they finally smiled 2 days later.

 We had a fabulous Thanksgiving down at the Wheatley's, in good old Draper.

 I made the girlies matching skirts

 Love this one!

Oh, she is a cutie!

As always, my Mom had quite the spread

 The Pie Contest
My Strawberry pie didn't win, let's just say it was a little "soggy"

We did a little parade watching, and the kids "freaked" when Santa arrived!

Loved watching Brooke play with her 2 Grandpa Wheatley's

All the kiddies!

We went a turkey huntin

Check out that dimple!

The kids opened a few Christmas gifts from Grandma & Grandpa Wheatley since we all won't be together for Christmas this year.
Jack and Josh got BYU cars, excited doesn't even begin to describe.

On Saturday we went to Tea Time with Santa at the Grand America Hotel
Before we left I thought we would snag a few photos

I adore this one!

The Grand America was all decked out!

And the Tea Room was pretty darn fancy

While we were waiting for Santa, some huge Penguin came in

Ivy was confused about the Penguin too

The whole fam minus Katherine and Taurean.
(We miss you guys)
The kids got to sit on Santa's lap and talk to him, and he also read them all a story.
It was so magical!

Whoever has the pictures of my kids on Santa's lap, I would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you sent them my way :)

It was a great way to get into the holiday spirit!
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Wheatley!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Times

One year ago
The worst day of my life
 I thought my baby girl was hurt forever.
Lucky for us, she was just fine.
1 year later, we are still having some unhappy times.
Cancer came back to beat on us a little bit, but it looks like lucky for us, we are going to be just fine again.

Interesting note: The day of Brooke's accident was the day I found out I pregnant with Ivy. Really Crazy Day!

Lately we have had some not so awesome memories, and 11-11-11 wasn't a great day for me as I was reliving Brooke's accident all day long.

But I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone and came across some VERY HAPPY TIMES!

Here they are, in absolutely no chronological order:

The kids made this awesomeness leaf pile at Grandma Jane's, and sobbed when the lawn guys showed up and mowed them all up!

I left Brooke alone with a tube of Chapstick. 

The kids had the time of their life at Rigby Lake a few weeks ago.
And Brooke's poor little legs just couldn't petal her bike one more step, so she snagged a ride.

So many tears and public humiliation when I told them "no".

We have spent lots of time at McDonalds.  A favorite spot.

I had totally forgotten about our picnic in the rain.
Such an awesome day.

The kids gave Vince "Twister" for his birthday.
Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

Jack has grown up right before my eyes.

Good times at the Mall.

Conference was great.
Jack told us that when he grows up he wants to be a Prophet. 
Proud parent moment.

Getting the windshield replaced was more thrilling than any movie.

Ivy's new hat!  My sister is amazingly talented! Thanks Chica!

Glow in the dark glasses....
 aka...the best way to give your child seizures.
Seriously, I wore them for 2 minutes and was totally blind afterwords.

I found this picture and think it's great for so many reasons:
1. Ivy is soooo small!
2. My hair is sooooo white!
3. My glasses are HUGE!

 This seems like yesterday!

An attempt to take a picture that both me and Ivy are in together.

Brooke eating her very first Ice Cream cone this summer!

The Giraffe Pool.  Looked great, total disaster. 

The kids helping daddy change the water at Grandpa's Farm.

Thanks Trevor and Deana for all the suckers!

My current Happy Thought.

This made me laugh hysterically. 
It's worth watching the entire thing. Sorry the sound only begins halfway through.
Think Napoleon Dynamite.

I just want to give a quick shout out and thanks to everyone who has helped me over the past few months. You have all helped turn these not so happy times, into fabulous and fun memories.