Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in Captions

"I am so excited to make the biggest mess ever!"

"This Ballerina can swim"

"Hole in one"

"Hi, my name is Chef Todd from The Blue Lemon.  I will teach you how to cook, and more importantly, how to clean up all this bloody meat"

"Can you show me the way to Toyland?"

"Don't cry over spilled milk, Brooke."

"Lots of meat = Happy men"

"Pure Giddy"

"Pure bedhead"

"Partners in crime"


"Egg Hunt!"

"Are you sure my color is Orange?  I should be PINK!"


"Mom, this paper has little dots on it!"

"Moose on the loose!"

"Does this gargantuan belly make me look fat?"

"Okay, I will smile if you promise me some Smarties."

"See, I told you!"

Why the smaller the picture, the blurrier it and blogger are not having a great day together.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday Best

Once a week, I make a substantial effort to make my children look polished and presentable. 
 Whether they actually choose to comply with my efforts is always a gamble. 

 And occasionally on these once weekly endeavors, we are ready before church with a few moments to spare for a photo. 

 Once again, whether they choose to comply with my efforts is completely up to them.

All I ask is for them to stand next to each other,
don't touch,
don't hit each other,
don't pull a funny face,
don't pick your nose,
don't wave,
please smile,
and look at me.

Apparently that is too much to ask of this 4 year old and this......well, [however many fingers Brooke is holding up] year old.

This task is much easier for me.
Believe it or not, once a week I too actually get dressed.

 Although this is my preferred outfit of choice. Daily.

I am 25 1/2 weeks.
I added the 1/2 because it sounds soooooo much better to me!

Here is the rundown:

I am large.
I have become addicted to Raisin Bran, sometimes for all 3 meals.
I don't sleep anymore.
My eyes are getting worse by the day. They now produce goop along with the tears. Nice.
I should add a countdown on the side of this blog until my eye surgery day! 120 days!
My wedding ring is too snug for comfort :(
Every now and then Brooke kisses my belly goodnight, without prompting. Hilarious. 
No name yet, and sadly there may never be a name. Come on Vince.
The cancer scare in February has been downgraded to a false alarm at this point. Phew. 
I cried all those tears for nothing. 
My nesting is in full swing. The nursery is almost done.
I am pretty sure the family is ready to meet this new little lady, as they are starting to wonder if we are all going to survive the next 3 months of crazy hormonal mommy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moving Day!

Saturday was moving day.
Not houses, just rooms.

I have spent the last month or two collecting items for the "Space Room" that Jack requested.
 I let him choose the theme so he would be more willing to move to the basement, alone. 
And sleep down there, all alone.  
 I kept everything a surprise.  He had no idea what it was going to look like or what would be in it!
Saturday morning was the big Unveiling!

He loved everything about it.
I was sooooo happy!

I made this picture on the computer and when he saw it he said, "Mom, I don't remember this."  
 I said, "Jack, you don't remember going to the moon?"  He looked so freaked out.  He was so afraid that he went to the moon and didn't know about it. 
It made the 3 hours I spent on that little photo totally worth it!

He slept down there no problemo.
He loved the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.  I think they were his favorite part!
 I even saved some of the decorating for him.  I found these little planet wall stickers at the dollar store and let him go to town!


Brooke has a new room too.
Don't you think she deserves it?  This is where she has been sleeping for the past 2 weeks.  
 I sold my black crib and changing table on Craigslist, WAAAAAYYYY faster than I thought I would (2 hours), so all these moves had to be moved up drastically as Brooke had nowhere to sleep!

 She is now in Jacks old room, with TWO big girl beds! Vince spent an entire week painting Jack's dark navy blue beds, cream for me.  About 18 coats of paint later, they look A.m.a.z.i.n.g!

Her room is nowhere near finished. I am currently working on matching quilts for the beds. 
Wish me luck on that one. 

Vince told me if I sold the black crib, I could get a new one!
The black one just never looked good with that big brown wall behind it, and I was sooooo excited to get a new one.  

On Saturday he set it up for me and I couldn't resist putting a few of the pieces of the bedding I have made in it. 

It was basically Christmas for me!
And for Jack!
And for Brooke!

And I guess it was like Christmas for Vince in the fact that we got to enjoy all our new gifts after he spent hours putting them together.  

Thanks Daddy!