Thursday, March 29, 2012

8 months going on 9

Ivy "was" 8 months.
Now she is more like 8.5 months old, but better late than never.

At 7 months this started...
Motivation: Uno Card

She didn't get more than 1 or 2 steps before her little arms would give out. But we knew she was close!

 Then she started sitting up in the crib about 7.5 months. I hate it. 
But I do love that little smile I get when she sees me come in ;)

I really don't like that she found a love for throwing binkies out of the crib. 
I just kept buying new ones because I couldn't figure out where they were going.

She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. EVERYTHING!

She has stopped sleeping in my arms. Sniff, sniff.

At then just 2 days ago I found her doing this!
and this!
That little fart decided to start standing at things and make my life a lot more stressful!
She isn't going to let a little RSV cramp her style!

 And then she decided to start crawling and getting into everything!

And she is fast!
One minute she is on the carpet playing, and the next thing I know she is under the kitchen table finding all sorts of treats!

 And since she is basically growing up before I get it all documented, I decided to throw in her first pony.
Yes, there is in fact a tiny little piggy tail on the top of that little bald head. 
A girl can dream, right?
Grow hair.....GROW!

She thinks she is a big helper

She's not.
 In fact, she is just causing trouble everywhere she goes.

If by chance I get a moment to sit down, she is all over me. 

I fear she will be my first climber. 
Heaven help us.

We love you miss Ivy!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Oh yes, it happened! 
5 Days at Disneyland with the entire Wheatley crew.
(minus Ivy Jane)

I started the trip off with a bang when I threw up on the airplane.
I couldn't find one of those air sick bags so I threw up in the kids bag of licorice. Tears all around!
 No, I'm not pregnant, just weak-sauce. But thanks for asking. 

Once that disaster was over, it was time to start the fun!

This is pretty much my fave picture from the trip. First day, walking into the park, and Jack with his map!
He is OBSESSED with the maps of the parks.
They were inseparable.

When you have 5 days in the park, you will have time to find all the friends!
And find them we did!



 We went to lunch with the Princess's and got to meet them all!
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

 Brooke was about 1" too short for just about every ride, so we stayed off the big rides and searched for characters while Jack and Vince rode the "scary" rides.

 Tigger was hilarious, and she was so excited to meet him.

 We also went to dinner at Goofy's Kitchen and all the Disney friends just kept showing up at our table!
It was awesome!

 Until Minnie showed up and tried to steal my man.....
Tinkerbell and Jasmine were the highlights of Brooke's "Princess Encounters"
She couldn't stop talking about Tink's fluffy shoes.

 We were so excited to see Katherine and Taurean on this trip!
And my kids always wanted to ride the rides with them and NOT me!

 How dare you Chica and Taurean. How dare you!

I tried to introduce my kids to the wonderful world of Churros, but they weren't having it. 
They must not be MY kids ;)

Has anyone seen Jack?  Oh yeah, he is probably in his map AGAIN!

 Brooke and her Dole Whip.  She was stingy and didn't want to share.

We pretty much froze most of the trip, but Wednesday was nice enough that we broke away from the park for a little R&R at the pool.

Did you know there is a petting zoo in Disneyland? Me neither!

The whole fam! Aren't we cute?

Katherine made all the kids matching hats.  She will most likely have really bad arthritis by the time she is 30.

 And just as you sit the kids down for a photo, a MOUSE JUMPS IN!
Only at Disneyland.

We finished off the last day at Disney with a parade
 It's coming MOM!
 I so wish this picture had turned out, he was so excited while we waited for the fireworks on the last night!
Oh yeah, and he is always excited a bout his map!

Brooke was so worn out on the last night that I couldn't get her awake to change her clothes.
What a fabulous week!

Ivy stayed home with Grandma Jane, but of course we brought her back a little something.
As stressed as I was about her being really sick at home with Jane, I can only imagine how awful it would have been if we had taken her and she had been that sick away from home!
It was a totally awesome, once in a lifetime trip!

Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!!

Brooke asking "How come Minnie won't talk to me?"
Jack nearly fainting after riding Space Mountain
Brooke's "Tinker Baby" that she bought with the money she earned before the trip.
Jack's face while in the Lego store.
Vince wearing Mickey Ears.
Getting to see Abby, our favorite Disney Cast Member
Lilly and Brooke with their Princess rings.
Jack and his map. Oh the maps.
Jack thinking that a "No Smoking" sign was a crayon with a line through it, and exclaimed "Mom, you can't color here!"
Liz pushing a little kid out of the way so we could win the Dumbo!
Loved all the food, Goofy's Kitchen, Blue Bayou, Rainforest Cafe, Ariel's Grotto, BBQ Ranch!

Throwing up on the airplane. Totally awful. 
Liz's I phone getting stolen, and losing all her pics from the trip.
Brooke getting sick and not sleeping at night.
Brooke's fit on the Tea Cups and me frantically trying to find her something to throw up in.
Ivy getting really sick while home with Grandma Jane.
Going straight from the airport to the Dr. to have Ivy checked out again.  She wouldn't smile at us at all when we got off the plane so I panicked!