Wednesday, August 31, 2016


On Sunday morning, Jack's 10th Birthday at 5am these two boys headed to the airport to catch a flight to Alaska!

I wasn't there, but from what I hear they were stuck in traffic for a long time and Jack fell asleep!

The next morning they were off to catch some Halibut!
 And catch some they did!
They went on this adventure with Vince's accountant and his family.

 Jack was the only person in the boat on the whole trip to catch a King Salmon!

 The boys took a plane ride 

Happy Birthday Jack

We had to celebrate Jack's birthday a little bit early as we were heading to Utah for a week and couldn't take all his gifts with us. 

He is super into Pokemon Cards and I was able to get him the biggest birthday surprise thanks to a local garage sale website. 

His face was great once he realized what was in that shoebox! 250 cards!

Then we headed to Utah where he got a stereo from Grandpa and Grandma Wheatley. He loved getting it all set up with Grandpa. 

 Liz and John got the Chewbacca mask and it was a hit!

And so was the Donut Cake!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dance Recital 2016

They were both so excited and did such a great job!

But lets take a second to talk about Ivy

 She did so great! I seriously couldn't believe it! In class she barely pays attention, so her dancing on stage was a huge surprise!

And then it was intermission. And it was so hot that I got a migraine. I felt like I was going to throw up. And I had to meet Vince in the parking lot for some pills. It was rough. 

And now for the really bad news. All of the pictures I took of Brooke were deleted, except for this one

The only good news is I have tons of other pictures of her preforming her two dances from other permeances. 

 Ivy's poor makeup was so worn off. 

 Hopefully she'll forgive me someday.