Thursday, November 21, 2013

Halloween Night

By the time Halloween came along, I was worn out.

I felt like we had dressed up in our costumes 100 times!  And we pretty much had!

We had a fun Pumpkin Shaped lunch!

We started to get ready for trick or treating and it was really cold and rainy. I made the girls wear a turtle neck under their costumes and they were not thrilled about it.
"I don't want to wear a Tootleneck"!

Our first stop was Grandma Janes

Then we jumped in the car to Arctic Circle with hopes not to relive my last year's accident!

Vince took the kids out and I stayed home to hand out candy to the 500 Trick or Treaters we had!
Living in a neighborhood where the houses are closer together is CRAZY on Halloween!

Friday, November 1, 2013

School Carnivals

 Preschool Carnival......


Elementary School Carnival.....

Goldfish Win CHECK!

Pumpkins at home....

Check, Check, Check!

Wheatley Halloween Party

We started the Party with a Pumpkin Hunt

Then we carved them up!

Then it was costume time!

Jack is still trying to figure out what I was. 

Mom and Dad won for sure!

Liz & John were awesome!  
And so were Abby and her friend "Audrey"

The food was delish

 And the kids love the games!

I even caught these two eating skittles out of Ivy's boot under the table. 

 I love watching Ivy try to eat candy in the wrapper. 

Thanks Abby and Liz for doing the games!

Thanks Grandma for the fun night!


Yes. I did it.
I drove me and the kids all the way to Utah by myself. No husband.
I was so totally stressed out. If any of you have ever ridden in a car with Ivy Jane then you know why.

We took all the kids to Cornbellys at Thanksgiving Point.

And Grandpa paid for the kids to ride the mechanical bull!

The girls were so cute watching!

I was shocked that Grandpa had any hair left after this.  She holds on so tight!

 Pedal Cars

Oh my, these two girls are trouble.

 Choo Choo!

Thanks G & G Wheatley for the fun day!