Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cinco Anos

He kissed me first, he says it was me.

I said "I love you" first, he said, "Oh no." seriously

He dumped me twice, obviously I took him back.

When he met my parents he called my dad "Chief." My dad was unsure.

When I met his parents, George made me eat everything on the table. I was scared, and honestly a little sick.

Our dating experiences may not have been perfect, but life since pretty much has been. My Mom & Dad absolutely love Vince now, and I have learned how to fight off George and his 6 pieces of steak and cake.

We decided to go to San Diego for our honeymoon, because Vince promised that we would go to Hawaii for our 5th Anniversary. We made it to Hawaii a couple years ago, so I don't think we will be going again anytime soon. We will probably just do what we do every year, nothing. Vince hates romance and he is not big on holidays. So a romantic holiday requiring some thought is complete torture for the man. I have finally learned to just accept it.

Even though our anniversaries aren't fancy shmancy, I still love him! Mostly because he makes the cutest babies, does he not?

At the risk of being completely cheesy, here are some highlights from our Cinco Anos together!

First Apartment in RexburgSee that tiny window, that was it! Dungeon!

First House in Rigby

Red Fish Lake 2005

Hawaii 2005 Mexico 2005

Table Rock 2005

Baby Jack 2006

Caribbean Cruise 2007
Caribbean Cruise 2008

Alaskan Cruise 2008

Baby Brooke 2008

Family Portraits

I love you Babe! Happy Anniversary ♥

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We had our Daddy home for 3 whole days! That rarely happens, it was fantastic!

I did a lot of sewing for a craft boutique I am doing this weekend, and the family put up with me superbly!
We did some laundry
Went Park Hopping
It was a little too windy for the Princess, so here we have a makeshift playpen
Jack washed his car
I got some kisses
We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows at Grandma & Grandpa Byrams. Yummmm!

Can you spot the tiny woman screaming in the background and falling out of the stroller?

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Vince & I have found our new love!
Let me know if you are interested in any of this delicious fabric that arrived yesterday. I have tons more coming, but I already had to dive into some of this yummy shipment!

Friday, May 15, 2009


So, now that the entire world can't see what I post, I decided to share with y'all some random crap about our family.

1- I hate seafood.
2- I can't drive without my sunglasses, not even when it's overcast.
3- I love to eat out!

4- I sleep with a night light on, Vince has adapted.
5- I am the only person in the world that can mess up Bread Machine Bread.
6- My favorite store, DI.
7- I also sleep with my baby Video Monitors on, I know, I am way too overprotective.
8- I am not a strong swimmer.

9- I have two Etsy stores. Not advertising at all.
10- I eat way too many Tootsie Rolls!


1-Works sun-up to sun-down, seriously, 5:30am to 7:30pm. And we love him for it.
2- He built our house with his own two hands, well, the heating and plumbing, but still.
3- Enjoys talk radio.
4- He doesn't like desserts, only on certain occasions. I KNOW!
5- One time while dating, I fell while carrying a bag of Tacos. He saved the Tacos, and forgot about me. True story, he loves a good taco.
6- He can fix anything.

7- Super Glues all of his cuts.
8- Has to sleep on my right side.
9- He has never been ice skating.
10- He loves his boy!


1- When asked what he is doing, he will always reply,
"I'm working."
2- Loves medicine. Product of a sickly child.
3- Hates it when mommy sings, like the rest of the world.
4- Has a serious fear of birds and flies.
5- Everything is a gun.
I have no idea where he learned this. This gun, a marker and a toy ear probe.
6- Loves to wear my shoes around the house, especially the high heels.
7- Takes great pride in making his bed and his drawings.
8- Hates having his hair messed up.
9- He tipped the stroller over with Brooke inside yesterday. Oh my gosh, DRAMA!
10- He pronounces Fire Truck, Fire #@*#. He loves to share that in the Nursery.


1-Hates to sleep.
2-Can finally sit in the shopping cart.

3-Puts everything in her mouth.
4- Sleeps in the corner of her crib with her face up against the bumper. It is the only way she will sleep.
5- Loves Jack!
6- Poops 5 times a day. Holy Crap!
7- Loves to be outside, unlike Jack.

8- Lights up when Daddy comes home.
9- Splashes like a mad woman in the bath tub.

10- She is the smiliest baby ever. She smiles at everyone, all the time!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What Really Happened

Okay, I really didn't mean to scare the pants off everyone. Vince says that I have a tenancy to overreact and exaggerate, and that I really do scare easy. I mean, I still run up the stairs really fast after I turn off all the lights, I don't really know what I am running from, but better safe than sorry!
Anyway, here is the long story short.
Scare #1: Strange text messages from 911 telling us to call home immediately. We call home, we call 911, they know nothing about it, scary.
Scare #2: I receive hang up phone calls about 3x a week. Maybe we have a close number to Pizza Hut's or something. Still, scary.
Scare #3: I was at home one afternoon and heard someone fiddling with our front door, a man walked in and we scared each other half to death. He claimed to be a realtor, but I yelled at him anyway and told him to leave. I called our realtor and no one can figure out who he was. Major Scary!
Scare #4: We went out for ice cream, left the house unlocked, dumb. Came home and put the kids right to bed. I turn on the video monitor, they are both asleep. We get ready for bed and hear a crash, I turn on the video monitor, Jack's isn't working. Vince goes in his room, the room is now a mess, and the camera has been unplugged! Jack, is sound asleep in the bed. I have a minor stroke, and Vince begins searching the house. We find nothing. I can't sleep, I delete the blog. Turns out to be a false alarm. I talk to Jack in the morning and he vaguely remembers getting out of bed, making a mess, and unplugging the monitor. Jack has never unplugged anything in his life because I threaten him with death. We couldn't believe it. FALSE ALARM.
Even though the last scare was a false alarm, it made me realize that I really post way too much about my kids and house and where we can be found. So here we are. Hopefully this answers everyone questions and I hope I didn't scare everyone too much. Let's just say that since I am a scardy cat, the Alarm System is in the works. Vince has been informed that there will be no week long fishing trip with the boys this fall until it is installed. Hear that girls?
On a lighter note, here is what we have been up to.

I got a perm, and yes Denise, it was a mistake. It seems to have calmed down a bit, but the ends have seen better days. Sorry hair.
I bought Brooke a Johnny Jump Up at Once Upon A Child. It was a killer deal and she loves it!
Someone puked in my shoe, Hmmmm?
We found some nests in the backyard underneath the deck. We can see in the nest when we are standing on the deck, peeking through the cracks. We are hoping this will end Jack's intense fear of birds.