Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Call Me Rachel

Well, my watery eyes have become such a problem that I finally dragged myself to the Dr. for it. 

I don't think you all quite understand my fear of the eye Dr.

My mother does, she attempted to give me eye drops once.  I don't do eye drops.  Nothing should ever go into your eye that wasn't there to start with!

When poeple even talk about eyes, I freak out!
 I CAN'T open my eyes underwater, it would literally kill me!
When an eye lash goes in, it stays.  I can't even use a finger in my eye!
My friend Jen and I used to joke about getting a paper cut to the eye...little did she know that is my WORST NIGHTMARE!

I went to the Dr. this morning, and no lie, it went a little something like this......

Rachel Goes to the Eye Dr.

Vince attempted to give me eye drops the other night to see if it would help.  And this is about how it went, minus the profanity. Well....
Eye Drops

And this one is just for fun!
Eye Drops #2

I will most likely have to have surgery on my eyes after the baby is born.  Yup, surgery.  I am sure that will be a real treat!

The best part about my visit is when the eye Dr. put dye in my eyse and then I had to blow the dye out through my nose.   Broooke watched in pure horror.  Probably because the noises and faces I was displaying.  It's a good thing our eye Dr. is family, because he would probaby refuse to see me.  Thanks Bryce for putting up with me.

I am hoping the drops he prescribed will help my eyes.  I have like 3 eye lashes left from all the wiping. 

Goodbye, I am off to buy fake lashes. 

I am hoping to look something like this in the future
There is no way those are Kim's real lashes!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


 Yes, our snowman has glasses and no eyes.
And we are very proud of him.

We had a fabulous day playing in the snow!

 Wipeout Jack!
 Wipeout Daddy!

I love this picture!

Pure joy today. Jack was so exhausted he almost fell asleep during dinner. That's a sign of a good day.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cookie Monster

Yesterday was Monster Day at preschool.  Good thing we had a blue towel and some monster eyes laying around.

He may not look excited, but he wanted to wear it 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


For the next 6 months, I will refer to myself as

"The Mothership"

This is me today, 11 weeks!

I got all spiffied up just for you guys, jammie pants and all!

I expressed to my OB at my last appointment that I have serious fears about this whole Thyroid thing and my pregnancy. Not the whole Cancer coming back thing, but the whole gaining 400+ lbs thing. 

He said, "Ya, that could happen."  
I was expecting him to say, "Oh, honey, you are so silly, you probably won't even gain a pound."

So he told me I couldn't have any desserts.  
This was 2 weeks before Christmas.
Let's just say, I failed. 

So January 1st I decided to start the no desserts thing,
Let's just say, I failed. 

When you are nauseous and the only thing that sounds good are these babies
(Um, these are lemon squares transformed into little cookies.  Look out, they are fabulous)
There is nothing but trouble ahead.

I am trying though, I swear. 

On a serious note:
The Dr. told me that I am at the same risk for Cancer coming back right now with a pregnancy, as I would be in 20 years (you  know, because cancer loves pregnancies), so there is no need to wait on having a family. 

I just have to be extra careful and not take any new lumps as a joke.


So off the serious note, here is a quick run down of this pregnancy so far:
  • I am nowhere near as sick as I was with the first two. Hallelujah!
  • We are down to 1 migraine a week.
  • At 11 weeks I look about 20 weeks, uh-oh.
  • Yesterday I cleansed my face with Shampoo and washed my hair with Cetephil in the shower. Pregnancy brain has taken over.
  • My eyes have watered uncontrollably this entire 11 weeks. It is unexplainable. I literally have tears rolling down my face I have been asked often if everything is alright. And if you will noticed in the picture above, I don't even wear makeup anymore, because by Noon it is all washed away anyways. Weird. 
  • I am sooooooo tired.  That is a complete understatement. 
  • My morning sickness comes in the evenings. 
  • Jack thinks the baby will come out my belly button, and we will leave it at that. 
  • I often find myself trying to think of ways to hide/giveaway/accidentally burn all the baby clothes that I have saved from Jack and Brooke, as the hubby has informed me that since we have both boy and girl stuff, there will not be a need for shopping!  A shopoholics greatest fear. 
Did I mention that we are ridiculously excited for this baby! Especially since we weren't sure if I would be able to have anymore.  Yay, July can't come soon enough!