Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Fears

So within the past few months, two fears have been brought to my attention.

#1 Potty Training

I have been dreading potty training Jack ever since those little pink lines appeared over 3 years ago. Last week I decided to face my fear and give it a try. To my surprise and delight, Jack was potty trained in 1 day! He is still wearing a pull-up at night and during naps, but he has got the rest of it down. I don't know why I dreaded it for so long. Maybe the trick was waiting this long! I hope this isn't the calm before the storm, you know, when I start finding little piles of Doo Doo all over the house. I am so proud of him.

#2 Little Divas

The last few weeks at church have really set this fear in my heart. What happened to "Little Princess's", and even so, "Little Girls"? I remember when I was 6-12 years old, I wore matching dresses with my sisters, my mom did my hair (with the biggest bows ever), I didn't wear make-up, I respected any adult, and most importantly, I looked like a little girl! And so I ask, When did Princess turn into Diva? A few of the girls in our neighborhood have really scared me. The things they wear, the way they do their hair, and the way they act cry out "I'm a DIVA, watch out!" This scares me to death to have a little girl growing up with the pressures to grow up too fast. I want Brooke to be able to "Be a kid" as long as she can. Maybe I am the only one who fears the term "DIVA", but I would much rather have a little princess!

The Rumors Are True...

No, I'm not pregnant. And if you thought I was, shame on you. We're moving! Well, we aren't moving just yet, but our house is for sale. That's right, it is that time in the pattern of build it, live in it for 2 years, and then sell it. You're right, we haven't lived here for two years yet, but with the current economic situation and Real Estate slump, we figure it will take a couple of months, at least, to sell. You can find our listing at, and our listing number is 157766, for any of you interested in buying :)

Even though I have known from the very beginning that this house was not to be our final home, just simply an investment in having our next house paid off, it still makes me sad to move. This really is my dream home. Our original plan was to build this house again when it sells, but with the current economic situation, we have decided to wait.

So you are probably asking, "Where will the Byram's go?" We are asking ourselves the same thing. We have a lot over by the elementary school here in Rigby, but we aren't sure we want to build there just yet. Right now we are just waiting to see what happens to the market. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

For now, I get to deal with keeping the house spotless daily, "just in case" someone calls and wants to show the house. This is my least favorite part of having a house for sale. Let us know if you know of any potential buyers!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby Bwooke!

This post is a little tribute to our "Baby Bwooke", as Jack calls her.

She is 4 Months old today, and I can't even believe how fast she is growing. She is such a little sweetie and we love her to death! I don't know how we have lived without her these past five years.

I finally finished writing up her birth story for her baby book, and here it is for anyone interested in reading it. It isn't too detailed or graphic, so don't worry. Sorry you can't enlarge it, I don't know why?

Brooke has the most adorable curls and I had to put a picture in here of how curly it is when she gets out of the bathtub.

I love how her forehead looks huge in this picture, it really isn't.

We love playing with her hair, and here we have tried a side swoop. Vince said it looked "hideous", and we haven't tried it again. We will stick with our Curly Sue.

We put her in the high chair for the first time the other day and I almost started to cry (I do that often). She looked so grown up. I did however have to spend an hour cleaning some leftovers off the tray that Jack left a year or so ago, sick.

Brookelle melts her Daddy's heart! I know this because I don't recall him ever using baby talk with Jack, but with Brooke he can't help himself. She loves him too. When he walks in the door at night, she hears his voice and starts looking for him from her bouncy chair. As soon as he comes near, her face lights up with joy. She smiles the most for him!Things she loves:

  • Her Daddy
  • Watching Jack prance around
  • Getting her hands involved in a poopy diaper change (any advice would be nice)
  • Her Bink
  • The bath
  • Anyone that smiles at her
  • Sucking her thumb, so cute

Things she dislikes:

  • Being swaddled
  • Her neck exercises (We are trying to avoid the nasty helmet)
  • Being left alone, basically not being adored
  • The BUMBO, she doesn't dislike it, she LOATHES it!
  • Nursing (what a struggle)

She is a little piece of heaven that has fallen right into our home. We love you Brooke!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stuck At Home

I hate RSV. Not that anyone really likes it, except for those doctors who are making bank on our family! Jack is finally starting to get over his, and Brooke seems to be getting worse every day. We seriously have not left our house for a week and a half except for Doctor's appointments. We have some insane cabin fever. Last night Vince had to work late so I decided to kill the time by filming the kids and taking some pictures. Jack wanted to hold Brooke so badly, and I was scared for her life. Once he is bored, he simply lets go of her and she falls to the ground, Ker Plunk! Luckily, there were no serious injuries.

I am hoping that we get better soon. I feel like we are harboring the plague over here!