Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Poor Brookie

Last night we went over to the house after we dropped Jack off at Football practice, and Brooke took a little fall. 
 She trips 100 times a day, so I saw her fall in the road and said, "You're fine, get up."
Then I saw the blood running down her leg and said, "Never mind, stay there, I'll get you!!!"
She never heard me over her SCREAMING! 

I picked her up and carried her to the car, and searched frantically for something to stop the bleeding. Good thing we had some wet wipes! 

I drove over to Janes and threw Ivy out of the car, good thing Grandpa was in the driveway. 
I took her to Community Care to get it all cleaned up.

She was FREAKING out that she didn't want stitches. But I was freaking out that she might have a broken leg! Luckily she didn't. 

And sometimes it pays to have little surprises in your purse. Pink tic tacs and chapstick. That made her smile for a second. 
 She had to get stitches and there is also a nice hole in her knee that they couldn't sew up. The skin was already dying and couldn't be salvaged. It was all ripped up to pieces. You would have though she fell into a pile of razor blades. 

No swimming the rest of the Summer. Devastated. 

So of course Jack got invited to go to the lake the next day and she tried not to cry. So I took the girls to the mall and did a little shopping and lunch .
Her new backpack made it all a little better. 


August 2nd was Modern Plumbing Lagoon Day!
Vince took all his employees and their families to Lagoon for the day. 

See my boys on the front row!

Me and the twins took it a little slower.

 We tried a roller coaster for Ivy and she HATED it! Thanks for riding it with her Katherine!
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 So glad Katherine and Mom were able to meet us there for a bit!

Vince arranged for a lunch for all the employees and their families. 

We didn't get a photo with all the guys, darn it. Some of them had already left the lunch. 

The boys sneaked into Lagoona Beach for a while. I had no desire to do swimsuits and wet hair!

So we rode some more rides. Or, Katherine rode big rides with Brooke while me and Ivy snacked. 

Day trips to SLC are just plain tiring. We barely made it home alive. The last 30 miles home were pretty touch and go.  Good times.