Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Monday after Father's day was my Dad's work Lagoon Day!  
So naturally we hung around for it. 


 Jack and his maps are just too much!

First ride of the day, and Ivy was freaked out!

But she warmed up to the idea. 

2nd ride, NO WAY!

She warmed up to it for like a minute...

She hated every ride the rest of the day, but not these two.


 Okay, the Music Express was the best thing that happened all day!

No. Vince is NOT trying to push Lilly out of the ride, he was trying to hold on to her!

Poor Vince almost died.  He may never be the same.

 Vince are Brooke are waving from the green gondola

Rattle Snake Rapids

The best part of these pictures is watching Brooke in the "Brace Yourself" position!!!!

Dad and Brooke were SOAKED.  Like, wring them out soaked!!!

The water is done, but girl is still bracing for the worst!

Vince and I didn't ride that time around because it was getting close to time to leave, and we could not ride home 3 hours WET! Plus I was still wet from the first time!

The stroller brigade 

Ivy was having a really hard time in the stroller, so we let her down and she kept running away from us... as she is FAST!  So we broke out the leash! 
 Which only lasted about 10 minutes as she thought it was a game and it made the whole situation 10x worse. 

So I tried another ride with her, I thought for sure she would like the tea cups....

Brooke would have ridden this all day long!

By 4pm we were MELTED!!!  It was 90 degrees, but it felt like 200!

 at 6:30 we headed over to the pavilion for the company dinner. 
Never mind Vince's face, it was delish. 

After dinner it was time to go.....but Brooke was still dripping!!!!

 We had the kids change their clothes in our 250 degree oven car and we hit the road!

Best day ever!

Thanks Dad!

** We were so happy at the end of the day when realizing just how incredibly smart we were to leave Ivy home from Disneyland last month.  She hated every single minute of the day at Lagoon.  She screamed about 95% of the day and hated almost every ride.  
Smart move us, smart move. 

Father's Day

I saw this idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago and I thought it looked so cute.  
Too bad my kids were WAY wigglier than the ones on Pinterest! 
It still turned out pretty darn cute though.

I was just thrilled that Daddy could read it!

 It was so fun to spend Father's Day in Draper this year. 

 Ivy was a menace on the deck with the spray bottles

Love my Dad, he is the best!

 This year for Father's Day, I had all the kids, spouses and grandkids write up some of their favorite memories of Dad and Grandpa, and then I found pictures to go with them, and put them into a book for Dad. 

So cute!

Ivy and Bella enjoyed the festivities via the high chairs.