Friday, October 14, 2016

Cousin Fun

Stacie and her girls came to town so we headed to the Rexburg Nature Park for some fun with the Byram cousins. 

 We played at the park and fed the ducks. 

 And we rode scooters around. It was really hot and the kids did a lot of whining. I felt so bad, I thought all the kids would love it! 

James enjoyed catching diseases in this puddle of water and then we headed home for some swimming in our backyard. 

The pool died at the end of the day, but what a way to go! They had so much fun!

The Fourth

Since the days leading up to the Fourth were very busy, we decided to chill on Independence Day.

We of course had Grandma Jane's Lemon's Reunion in her backyard at Noon, just like every other year. So we hit that up with some fruit, and brought home the leftovers to eat with our SteakKabobs we were marinating for dinner. They were so yum!

 And then we seriously just played. 

Vince and Jack just can't resist trying to kill each other. 

 And James LOVED throwing my flags through the slats in the rail. 

We had everyone in the circle and tons of family over for fireworks in the driveway, which Vince deserves an award for. We had no idea there would be so many kids and he helped each one get a chance to light a firework. Good man, I wanted to kill them all and send them to bed!

I purposefully didn't buy Sparklers because I HATE THEM! But the neighbors brought over like a TON and we did sparklers FOREVER. I hate them. They give me panic attacks. I had to go lay down for a minute. 

But it really was a great 4th! Happy Birthday America!