Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"The House"

That's her name. 
And she's a beast! 
Sucking up every free second of every day. 
April 23rd- Insulation Day!

On April 24th we went to house find daddy,

And look where we found him!!!

On April 26th we moved the huge master tub into the storage unit. 
Me and Vince. We are buff. 

on May 7th the sheetrock was finally finished!

Sadly, I can't say the same for the stairs!

But the inside looked great!  It was so exciting, it finally felt like a home!

However, there are still a few things missing from the home, like a real potty!

The rock started on May 15th, yahoo!
Picking out rock was one of the most stressful things EVER!  I couldn't find any fake stone I liked, so I was going to settle on just whatever.  But I finally found a house I liked, walked up to it and took a photo, then went to the stone guys and they figured out what it was.  And  I LOVE it!  Southern Ledgestone in Echo Ridge!

Tile for the Master Bathroom has also been an adventure. 
Driving around the Home Depots' all over Utah and Idaho to find enough Marble that matches.
It is 1/2 the price at Home Depot, but double the work. 

And without stairs, hauling it into the house was super fun!

May 22nd the doors arrived!

So glad I am a wimpy woman and couldn't help much. 

 May 22nd, the rock was starting to take shape!

 And the trim started going up on the 27th of May!

 We spend a LOT of time at the house, and most of the time I leave the kids in the car. 
But this night I let them out and look what happened!!!

 Dirt balls!!!

The Master Tile. Not sure if it was worth all the Home Depot run around. But it works!

May 30th, the lights started to arrive!

June 2nd, the rock was done!

June 13th, the windowseats were put in!

and the banister. It was supposed to be stain grade wood, and they ordered and put in paint grade while we were in Hawaii.  Oh well, I decided not to rip it out, and just paint it. 

Now we have to figure out what to do with the fireplace mantle.  Good thing I have my sister in law Deana who is good at this kind of thing and helps me out a ton!

Can't wait until we are done!

Dance Recital

First was dress rehearsal, where I take most of my pictures because recital night is crazy and you can't take pictures. 

I dropped her off in the classroom at the High School and just like last year I was scared to leave her with all the chaos!

Our friends Chris and Cindy had their little girl Tessa in Brooke's class too.  So glad they are becoming friends!

She did a great job, and was sooooo happy that Daddy came!

 Next year she is going to be on the performance teach so she will get to do this even more.

Which is a good thing because she LOVES it!

Last Day of School

Brooke's School ended in the Middle of May
1st day                                        Last Day 

A policeman came on the last day and they thought it was pretty cool.

On the last day I surprised Brooke and picked up her in the stroller. She was so excited. 
Living in town has so many advantages!

 Jack didn't finish school until after Memorial Day
 1st Day                                                        Last Day

I bought them new Summer shoes and a new movie to kick off the Summer!