Thursday, August 30, 2012

Iver Pants

Her 1st Birthday was over a month ago, but life has been crazy and I JUST finished getting this put together!
 Month 5 was my favorite. She would smile for me, and not try to get away yet.  After month #6 this monthly pictures was quite a chore. Most of the time we had to hold her down.  For month 12 I finally gave up on trying to get her to lay down.
What a little Stinker!

 So at 1 Year......

She loves to climb on stuff. Especially people when they sit down.

She LOVES pretties.

She finally has some piggies!

 Her "Holy Moly" is still makes us all giggle.

 She is Ivy Jane, Queen of the remote!
And she knows which one the main tv remote.  THAT is the one she wants. And sometimes she hides it somewhere and it takes us days to find it. 

She loves her blankies, more than life itself.

She enjoys a good french fry. I mean, really, who doesn't?

 She can be brutal. Hair pulling, biting, and her favorite vice, PINCHING!

She LOVES shoes. If you ever looking for her, check the shoe basket, she is most likely sitting next to it, licking the bottom of a flip flop.

She loves to be chased around the family room. 
She HATES having her diaper changed. Or getting dressed. HATES IT!
She screams hysterically and tries constantly to get away from you and roll off the changing table. 
I keep thinking it will get better, but it's only getting worse!
She can run fast!  And she has sixth sense of knowing when the gate at the top of the stairs is ajar. 
You should see how fast I can run too.

She loves it when the kids come in to wake her up. If I go in alone, she stares right past me waiting for them.

No one can pull off a sun hat quite like Ivy. No one. 

She REALLY likes to swing

She looks a lot like Brooke

She is pro at crawling down the slip and slide.

Sometimes she finds a poopy diaper in the garbage and goes to town with it. 
That is not even the half of should have seen her!

 She loves to go on rides in the wagon. 

She is also FINALLY sleeping through the night.  It only took a whole year!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Down on Grandpa's Farm

A few months ago, Vince surprised the kids with a 4 Wheeler for the family. 
Yee-haw! They were so excited!

Last Saturday the kiddies were bored out of their minds, so we drove the 4-Wheeler over to Grandpa's for a little joy ride through the field. 

We go to Grandpa & Grandma Byram's every week, but rarely venture out back to play. 
We found all sorts of fun!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fancy Nancy

Our ward had a little Mother Daughter Tea Party for Enrichment tonight.
 Here we are, all fancied up.  Picture courtesy of Jack-a-roo.

 All these details are for my fabulous mother, and her fabulous Relief Society President job.
Here you go Mom!

 Oh, this is Brooke and her Primary teacher Sister Crandall.  She LOVES her!

I may have had a few too many cake bites!

Fingernail painting

A fabulous night indeed. Here we are making "kissy" faces in the photo booth. 
 Apparently I have a few things to teach the girls.