Friday, September 20, 2013

Extracurricular Activities

As soon as school starts, so do the after school activities!


Very first game, he made a touchdown!  Big deal people. 

 Football is now his life. 

He has the best coach ever. So encouraging and so nice!

After that first game, he scratched his policeman Halloween costume, and immediately needed to be a football player. 

I love that he has found his passion!


 Ladies & Gentlemen, Dance is back in session.

 Ivy is NOT in dance, but she was not about to miss out on a tutu and a photo sesh. 
(we need to work on her poses) 

 Two sweetie poos! 

And don't you worry, Ivy has been busy too!

Getting herself dressed and admiring her job well done in the mirror. 

She enjoys spending her mornings cleaning the floor at McDonalds. 

And she has found a love for the little vacuum.
(love how she holds the cord) 

And after all the cleaning, sometimes she just likes to veg on the couch, or nap in the little chair. 

 She has learned to pack her own treats

And what would we do without our photographer at the football games. 

And what do I do now that the kids are in school? 

I get to do some fabulous testing,

And drive 30 miles with the mail on the back of my bumper

Take sick kids to the Doc


 Take pictures of the cute moments in life

And last but not least.....WORK ON GETTING US A HOUSE BUILT!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back To School

 Oh, the first day of school!

Jack was up at 6am.  He was so excited!
 He chose his "Grandpa Wheatley" shirt to wear. 

Brooke has been waiting her whole life for this day!
She chose a "Shiny purple" shirt!

And we mustn't forget our little tootie!

Helper........yeah right!

They were so excited! 

The bus came at 7:45am

And I was freaked out!  Would he find his class, would he remember what bus to get on to come home?  Oh yes, I wrote it on his hand.  Since the move I KNEW they would try to put him on the bus to our old house.  I KNEW IT!  Guess what, I was right!  He had to prove it to the bus driver on the way home, they wouldn't let him on bus 26! 

Then it was time to take Miss Brookie to school.

I loaded the girls in the car, and jumped in the driver seat.  Where are my keys?  I then remembered that I sat them on the counter inside last night (I almost always leave them in the car).  I run back inside to grab them and they weren't there.  I searched the counter, nowhere to be found. 
I realize that Vince probably thought they were his keys, and grabbed them, then got in his truck and since his keys were in the ignition, just drove away with them........


I called him, he was SURE he didn't have them.  Then he saw them.  And drove 100mph home to get them to me.  We ended up only being 5 minutes late!

Leading Edge Preschool

Then it was just me and my Mommy's Helper at the store.

I bought the kids a little present just in case their first days didn't go well.....


Despite being late and few tears, Brooke had the best day ever at school.

 And LOVED the present. 

But poor Jack

His first day didn't go so well.

He lost his lunch box at lunch :(
He sat alone at lunch and didn't know anyone :(
And he said he couldn't slide at recess cause there were too many kids :(
And then the bus driver giving him grief about him not on being on that bus :(

In his exact words "It was so stressful." 

Bless his heart, here's to a better tomorrow!