Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wheatley Halloween Party 2012

I love this picture beyond words.  I can't wait until they are all grown up and we show them this picture.

I love this picture of Liz and John so much I had to post it!

 Mary Poppins.  I love the picture of Mary on her phone, and Jack adjusting his stache. 

Disney adoreableness.

John did some dry ice bubbles, and Mom's bobbing gobbler was a hoot!

Once again, my Mom threw a fabulous party.   Thanks Mom!!!!!

Trip to Grandma's!

Sunday the 21st was our Primary Program. It went pictures to share, but this President sure was proud of all 100 kids!

My mom came up for the Program, then stayed with us a few days while Vince traveled to Houston for work.  And we decided to go home with Grandma on Wednesday and hang out for the week. 
I pulled Jack out of school and everything....just to hang out at Grandmas. That's how much we love her!

Grandma even flew in a surprise visitor for the week! CHICA!!!!!!

 Even though she was sick for the first day....we had a stupendous time!

 The weather was gorgeous!

 The Dinosaur Museum was fantastic!

 We even found a cute little pumpkin patch and let the kids pick their pumpkins.

 Jack hunted FOREVER!

Good choices kids!

Vince came down Saturday morning for the Halloween party.  Oh how we love staying at Grandma's!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Neighborhood Halloween Carnival

 Last Thursday our neighborhood had a Halloween Parade and Carnival.
Two moms in the neighborhood put the whole thing together, it was awesome.

The Parade started very conveniently in front of our house. 

There was a truck playing Halloween music as the kids paraded down street. 
Here is Brooke with Mogan, and if you look past them you can see Jack and his buddy Nathan. 

 Gathering for the Carnival instructions.

 My friend Bobbie is awesome.  Watch out Bette Midler!  They kids got their punch cards and goody bags. 

 Let the games begin!  18 game stations.  18!!! Those ladies rock!
You gotta love the back of Jack's costume. Nothing like a gray jumpsuit. 

 Oh, yeah, and Bobbie's backyard was FULL of wood photo ops.  This is just 3 of them. There were literally 20 of them. 

Brooke totally cheated at the limbo.

On our way out the door we ran into BumbleBee!  Jack's buddy Braxton from school!

The kids had the time of their life!