Friday, April 25, 2014

Preschool Easter Hunt

One of my favorite things about Leading Edge Preschool is that they always invite the little siblings to participate in their activities. It helps with jealousy sooooooo much!


 Brooke got waaaay too much candy!

Out Takes

How many photos does it take to get a good one?

There we go!

 Ivy loves to have her picture taken, she just NEVER looks at me when I say smile!

These two however are very easy to work with. 

 Maybe it's a Sunday thing.....She seems to be all riled up Sundays. 

New Wheels

In an attempt to get into shape before Hawaii.....(yeah right)
I bought the girls some new wheels

First day was a lot of walking, and now I am gradually getting faster.

And I would be even better if it wasn't so dang cold here!

The girls always want to bring dolls, and they always buckle them in for safe keeping.
You know, since I run at a lightening speed.

 Here's to hoping for more nice evenings for bike riding and running!

Spring Break 2014

Spring Break wasn't over conference weekend.
Or Easter.

So we hung around. 
And went to our favorite restaurant again! Don't judge. 

My kids LIVE for juicy. It's a rare commodity at our place. 

 The girls went to play, and Jack was acting weird. 

Apparently he thinks he is too old to play. And for kid meals, that was his last one EVER!

He wrote out his bday list instead. 

For the rest of the break, we watched a little tv, 

Got our feet a little dirty..

And wore our daddy right out!

Sunday morning we got a fabulous surprise....5" of snow!!!

But that didn't keep us from taking our weekly Sunday snapshot. 

We even attempted a tripod family photo....pretty good huh! Except I am still yelling "SMILE"!!!

I made Vince drive up and back from the sidewalk to give us a walkway in!

I tried to capture the amount of snow that was on me, but it melted too fast!

Jack didn't have school Monday, so he and his friends played in the snow all day.  He came home red as a tomato. I felt so bad, I hadn't even thought about sunscreen. 

Tuesday when he left for school he was so swollen!

Probably the most boring Spring Break in history!

Quick Trip

On March 20th we took a little trip down to Utah for Me and Vince and his high school friends and wives to have our annual couples retreat at the cabin in Park City.

We had to drop the kids off at G & G Wheatley's in Draper, and on the way we stopped at our favorite restaurant with a play place. The Tremonton Mcdonalds has the best play place!

It ended up just being me and Vince and Chris & Cindy, everyone else had things come up and couldn't make it. We still had a great time though. Shopping, food, and went to see Divergent. 

My mom gave me one of her old rugs to take back to our rental house that desperately needs a huge rug in the family room.  Brooke was so mad it had to ride next to her, but she warmed up to it!