Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who Knew

 Who knew that Jack would actually dress up for clown day at Preschool.


Who Knew Brookie would need to be involved too!
 Who knew that on September 29th we would be able to swim in the backyard?

Who knew that these two rascals would go to the Dentist today and come home cavity free!
 Who knew that Vince and I would produce children that are born with only 1/2 their teeth?  It's true.

 Who knew Brooke's swim suit could make me want to eat her up!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


 We have made A LOT of changes around here lately. 

Change #1.
Things are getting awful orange around here.

#2.  I found this little gem at the DI for $3.  And changed it to this! My kids love it!

3. We decided it was about time to clean the cars.

And Brooke decided to clean herself at the same time.  And Jack.....maybe he is passing gas, I don't know.

4.  Apparently I have decided not to dress Brooke anymore. 
Wet T-shirt contest winner for sure!

 5. We don't put soap in our kids' mouth when they talk back to us anymore.  We do put soap in their eyes when they give us dirty looks though. 

 (she was trying to wash her face, and learned the hard way that it wasn't a good idea)

6. Vince proved he loved me by letting me add this beauty to our lives.  
A 1920's Bush & Lane.

And that changed brought about this change....

7. New Furniture for the Piano Room

note to self: The piano looks like it has flames spewing out the top. Change the decor.

 and it brought about this change....

8. All the fabric being moved downstairs into the Theater Room.
I do believe I have more fabric in my basement than some small countries. 
And that's only 1/2 of it.

9. A sad change for Brooke. Oh who am I kidding, I cried more than she did.

And now the biggest change of all, for me.

No, I am not pregnant.

But that would have fit really good right here.

10. I am getting ready for a move. 
A move to a ".com"

It is scary and exciting all the same time.
And incredibly stressful.  

If everything goes as planned, 
will go live in a few weeks. 

Wish me luck, I need it!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Snow White

So we may have not taken Brookelle to Disneyland with us......but our little Princess had quite a fabulous time while we were gone!

My cousin Marcie has some "Royal" connections and was able to invite Snow White over to her home for a Tea Party.  
And Brooke was lucky enough to be invited!
All the beautiful princesses!

My mom said she was a little unsure at first.
But you know Brooke, once she finds some shoes, she is just fine!

Thanks Marcie!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


We were able to recover about 1/2 our pictures.
1/2 is better than none!
And in case you were wondering, I have recovered as well.


Lot's of firsts happened on this trip. Including Jack's first airplane ride!
Let's go already!

5 Day Hopper Pass+Staying on Disney Premises+No Brooke=A Whole lot of Disneyland!

Jack loved the JellyFish Ride!

And we spotted Mickey right from the start!

Oh, the Tea Cups. We rode it about 10 times. Surely his favorite!

Some Toads.

I could not stop laughing at Vince on a little pony. It was the smallest horse on that thing. Hilarious!

Do you LOVE the gray area below this picture? That is all of this picture that was recovered. Most of the recovered pictures are like this. At least this one still shows the important parts!

Those Rockets totally made me sick!

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too!

He found Mickey's tools, and you know Jack, he had to have a picture with tools!

We waited 20 minutes to see this guy, and Jack pulls that face in the picture. Sheesh.

The Beach

Huntington Beach had the biggest waves ever! And it was freezing!
One wave actually took Jack out. I know these ones don't look big. But, Holy Crap, they were HUGE!

Poor buddy. The beach wore him out!

We stayed at the Grand California, right inside the Disneyland area! A.Maze.Ing. We will never stay anywhere else (as long as our pocket book agrees with us)

They left us "Chocolate Cookies" every night.
They are all he could talk about.

And wouldn't you know it that the Monorail came right by our room every 10 minutes. Too bad we didn't realize it until the last day. Jack spend the entire last day waiting for the train to come by. He LOVED it!

Here he is waiting.....

There it goes!

The boys watching the fireworks from the hotel. I captured the heart firework and was quite proud of myself!

Brooke at the airport with her treasure! Minnie's dress spins, and apparently it scared her!

I know, I know, we are terrible people for not taking our (almost) 2 year old with us.
It was a decision not taken lightly. There were even a few tears over it.
However, it worked out for the best.
She will be able to love it even more when we go back in 2 years!

And don't worry, she had a fabulous time at Grandma's, and my next post will prove that!