Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cabin, Cousins, Kidneys

Lucky Me!
I got to spend last week at my mom's in Utah. Shopping, eating, shopping and relaxing. 
Um...some serious shopping took place.

On Thursday we headed up to the Cabin for some family fun. 
We like to celebrate St. Pattys Day the entire month in the Wheatley family, so here are some pictures from my mom's awesome parte'!
(Jack and Grandpa in their Irish best)

 Dear Vince, please don't hurt me for putting this picture up. It was just too awesome.

My mother is fabulous, in case you didn't know.

 "Find a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have good ____!"  
If you can't finish that poem then you obviously have never seen Grease :)
 The kids followed a trail of pennies to their St. Patty's Day Suprises!  Brooke and Lily may have digested about $0.78 combined. 

 What's more fun than a huge slumber party with the about the Mommy's and Daddy's getting no sleep due to such party. Oh well, at least the kiddos had fun!
 Shhhhhh, Brooke's baby is sleeping. 

A seriously sad moment for me took place this week.  My baby grew up!  After our first night at the cabin I realized that she had officially outgrown the pack & play.  She got to sleep in a Big Girl Bed for the first time. 
 Yes, Brooke slept in the closet next the bathroom.......don't judge, it totally worked!

Another sad moment.
Kidney Stones. 
Really bad ones. So bad in fact I almost passed out while shopping at the outlets in Park City and had to LEAVE SHOPPING  and make a trip to the ER. 
Yes, people, pains bad enough to stop me from shopping.

If you are ever in Park City, and pregnant, and dying of pain, may I suggest the Labor and Delivery Unit at Park City Medical Center. I was treated like a Rockstar. They were so awesome!

Who knew that all these awful cramps, and pains, and crap that I have been experiencing the last 4 weeks were Kidney Stones!

I think they are done, for now. Who knew such little pebbles could create such drama!
 While in the Hospital, I missed swimming and sledding.  I was so sad. So Sunday we had our own little family swim time. 

And now we are home, and back to the daily grind. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for the great week!

Friday, March 18, 2011


 Yesterday was good ole St. Patty's Day.  Jack's preschool made a HUGE deal about it, and so he was very excited and was telling me all about how Leprechauns were going to come to our home and do things.  It's a good thing the Leprechauns let me know about it!
 They put shoes out by their doors before they went to sleep. (and I had to take a picture of how Jack arranged them because I thought it was adorable)
All by himself, Jack found a box, colored it, and then told me it was for a trap.  He even made paper gold coins to put inside to tempt a Leprechaun. Like I said, he did this all on his own.  He was more excited about St. Patty's Day than Christmas, I swear!

And wouldn't you know it, those sneaky Leprechauns made it in, and stole our shoes, and left us new shoes and a few goodies!  They hid our shoes in the box, they are so sneaky!

I was very happy to see that the leprechauns also left me a pair of new shoes.  I am sure they had a very hard time deciding if I should get the Black Houndstooth Boots, or the pink floral ones, but I think they made the right choice ;)

 I have added a few white dresses to the baby's wardrobe.  
Never mind the ugly sticker I forgot for remove for the photo.  
You have to know that I have a weired phobia about long blessing dresses. You know, the ones that cover the feet, and then still hang down for like another 12"!  I feel like the baby will get lost in there and when you pick her up you won't know where she is and she will get dropped!  
Okay, I don't know if that is the exact reason, but still, I don't like them. I like to see the feet!

So, which dress would you choose?
#1 Blessing at the Prom       or       #2 Blessing on the Beach

It is a close race as far as I am concerned. 

 I have also added a few pink things.

and a few LIME things!  I just can't help myself. Vince has called for an intervention.

 And of course, what fun would life be without a little bit of every color!  I finally chose the bedding fabric and  I finished the bumper pad.  I decided to start with the hardest project first, and to my surprise, is wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.


 Now that Green day is officially over, we can start focusing a few little brown friends.
Brown Bunnies.
Chocolate Bunnies.
JuJu Bunnies.
We love them all!

Monday, March 7, 2011


(Please excuse the Phone quality photo)

On Saturday, I had officially waited as long as I could.
I needed to buy something.
And these were my favorite boy and girl selections.

Brooke has been carrying them around for days.
Hugging them.
Kissing them.
And even talking baby talk to them.
(Brooke and Me, shhhh. )

And today we found out that the Strawberry Won!

Baby Girl Byram is on her way!

Now, I may have said that I was looking forward to maybe having another boy in the house.....
But as you can see, I WAS WRONG!   I am so excited for this little girl that I can't seem to stop smiling! And I already had to get down the boxes of Newborn stuff. 
I gave them a good whiff, hoping they would smell like newborn goodness.....but much to my dismay, they smell like storage room dust.
But they sure are cute!

I also couldn't resist already planning the nursery. Once I know what I am having is when the pregnancy really seems real to me, and I can get to work on all the fun stuff.
Fabrics are strewn about in the decision making process.
I found this sweet rocking chair at the DI for $20!  It is in fabulous condition and the only down side is that it still smells like old lady perfume.  Or maybe it is my perfume.......either way, it needs to be cleaned a little bit!  But it totally rocks and swivels 360 degrees! I love it an unhealthy amount.   And now I just have to find the right fabrics that match it for  the bedding.

So far, this is where I am at.  Even though I have about 26 different combos to sort through. 
Good thing I have a few months to make a decision ;)