Tuesday, June 28, 2011


we hit 90 degrees!

Oh yeah, I was there too!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

I stumbled in upon this moment yesterday in the kitchen...
 Thank goodness for the camera on my phone or I may have missed capturing it completely.
A great father at work.

Without that camera on my phone, I would have missed this moment too...

And I would have missed all the "Horse Play" that took place at Grandma and Grandpa Byrams after church
 Don't they look comfy?

Poor guy had to work even on Father's Day!

But it looks like they were all enjoying themselves.

Jack even took a turn with Uncle Trevor.

Exact quote after this picture was taken:

"I did it Mommy, I did it!!!!!"

Jack loves the fact that this white horse's name is "Jack".

Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Jack!

My little buddy turned 5 this weekend!

And at his request, we had "Space Party"!

This year we decided to have his party in Utah with the Wheatley cousins.
We started the festivities at the Zoo

Poor Brooke did NOT like the Dinosaurs that moved and sprayed water.

 If Lilly does it....Brooke wants to do it too!

I loved her little bum peeking at the Giraffes!

Then it was time to party!

My dad helped hang these little Space Shuttles I got from the ceiling fan, and when it was turned on, they orbited in a circle.  It was adorable. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me get all the decorations put up!
Vince was sick and spent the day in bed.
He came out just in time for the party.

Then the guests arrived!

A great bunch of Astronauts!

Decorating their pinata loot bags
Jack really wanted to be blind folded for the pinata.
It totally looks like it is time for execution!
The blind fold idea lasted about 8 seconds.
The Whole Gang!
Best Birthday Ever!

We came home on Sunday for 1 more party at Grandma Jane's!

He picked out a Transformer Cake for the party.

Oh how he LOVES playing with his cousins!
He looks up to those big boys so much!

Happy Birthday Jack-a-roo!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Shower

My mom is expecting 3 new grand babies this year.

Angie-34 weeks   Me-33.5 weeks  Liz-24 weeks

I definitely win the biggest belly award!

Mom threw us a fabulous Baby Shower!

The Hostess

I loved that we all think alike-Bags.

3 Adorable necklaces

3 Sets of Booties

3 Little Hats
In case you didn't know, my sister Katherine makes the cutest hats and booties ever!
THIS is her shop.

The party may have had a few moments of mayhem...but it was still fabulous!

Thanks Mom!