Monday, July 25, 2016

Spring Sports with Jack Byram

We had the busiest Spring ever! We signed Jack for indoor Flag Football in Idaho Falls, and had no idea it was played in the same month as Baseball!  We ran around like crazy people the month of May! 
 His team was not super great :( They only won 1 game. But Jack played so good and had couple of Touchdowns and some assists. 

And then Baseball is another story. His team was undefeated, until they played the other undefeated team and lost, boo! They were incredible and made it to the semi finals, which was the best game of baseball I have ever watched. I paced back and forth and nearly died each pitch. We barely lost, and we played an amazing seasons and game. 

 Jack's best buddy Bobby was hit by a pitch in the 2nd game and broke his hand and he couldn't play the rest of the season, so sad.

Practicing hurts! 

"Ooh, it looks like I found myself a Cheerleader." 

 So many games!
Some nights were nice, and some freezing cold!

 Some were so hot we thought we'd die.

 We ate a lot of Wendy's and Subway

 And we sure loved watching him play and cheering him on!

Spring has Sprung

The weather started getting nice, and the grass was getting thicker. 

So it seemed time to fix the Barbie Jeep, finally!

And teach Ivy how to drive!

She loved it so much!!! And James was a very good passenger. 

Piano Festival and Spring Recital

Jack did great as his Spring Festival in Rexburg. The girls went to a cousin's baptism with Vince, so it was just me and the boys. 

 Jack got a Pop Stop on the way home and he might have been on cloud 9!

Recital was the next day and he did great too! Played his pieces perfectly. So proud.