Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend in SLC

We have been suffering from a major case of the "Winter Blues" around here.  

We decided to head down to Utah the weekend after my Bday to have a little fun. 

 I rented the party room at Cottonwood Heights, not because we were having a party or anything...Just for Ives!

And Grandma Wheatley is always so awesome to help out where needed. Thanks Mom!

The kids had such a great time!

 Even Ivy had a great time. 

Then back to Grandma's for some fun in the bouncer house!

Jack was DYING to go to Scheels so he could show us that he isn't afraid anymore to ride the Ferris Wheel.  When we got there the line for the ferris wheel was INSANE!! So bowling it was!  The kids were still sad though :(

Jack threw the balls so hard that Brooke had to cover her ears. 

 My kids LOVE Grandpa Wheatley.

"Don't Smile" game

"This Little Piggy"

"Piggy Back Ride" 

Grandma Wheatley had planned a fun Valentine's Party. 
We sure missed John and Liz and all their crew!

Ivy LOVES to torture Samuel.  Poor guy. 

I was finally able to document Ivy's favorite toy at Grandma's, the Pink Purse!

Party time!

The kids went on a little treasure hunt.
Ivy was so funny about making sure her hands were in her bag just so. 

It was an awesome trip to the big city once again.

We should probably just move there. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Photo Shoot

Every year I take pictures of the kids in January and then send them to the Grandparents and Great Grandparents for Valentine's Day. 

It's really just an excuse for me to throw all the pillows off my bed, get all sweaty and yell inappropriate things at the kids while trying to get them all to sit still, and smile. 

But I will say, we got some really cute ones this year. 
Even Ivy didn't torture us all too much!

 This was clearly the winner from the shoot.  I love that you can even see Ivers' boogers!

Love these little poopers with all my ♥!

Happy Valentines Day

These 3 sure love Valentine's Day.
Almost more than Christmas!

Since we were going to be traveling to Utah on Valentines Day, We had our party a few days before.

Why Yes, those are heart shaped carrots in the roast!

The hats were my favorite part!

Jello, strawberries, Pink lemonade with Licorice day ever!

Jack wore his hat the whole day, I sure love that little buddy. 

 Our best attempt at a family portrait.  Pretty good if you ask me!

 We played a few games and had a jolly good time.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy made her first official visit to the Byram House!

On my birthday when Jack hugged me, I spotted a few extra things in his mouth. 

Bingo, time for a trip to the Dentist. 

He was a little nervous

But he did great. Two teeth were pulled and he didn't even flinch! What a man!

The gauze-ride home was definitely not his favorite part. 

 Big boy now!

Happy Birthday To Me

I turned a whole 29 years old this year.
People, next year I will be 30. 30!!!!
I guess I better make this last year of my twenties awesome!

This is what Jack wrapped up and gave me for my Birthday. So cute!

The kids sang to me and made me feel special.

 Then Vince took me to dinner and Les Mis. Perfect Day. 

The next day we kept on celebrating.

We went outside for some fun in the....well, no sun but we still had fun. 

Brooke leans when she turns...I love it!

 This was Ivy's first time in snow clothes.  Best present I could have gotten. What a cutie. 

Ivy loves the Barbie Jeep more than words can describe.  

That four wheeler is perfect speed for me. I love it. 

 I love this one of Brooke and Jack!

 And now for a cute little snow story.

Girl sees little snow ball.                   Girl falls down trying to get the snowball.

 She has the snowball in her gloves.      She is up and can't wait to show it to Daddy.

 Girl walks ever so carefully, cradling her snowball. 
 Best day of her life.