Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Terrible Two's!

Ivy turned two on the 18th!

The kids made her cards and gave them to her when she woke up. 
She just laid there reading them for almost 10 minutes. So cute. 

We were knee deep in moving, so her bday wasn't super extravagant.  I like to make a bid deal with birthdays, but this year and I had face to music and go pretty simple. 

 As you can tell, we had a little Unicorn theme.

She got this piano and it was a hit with EVERYONE. 

Brooke played the piano for 3 days straight.  

We went to Grandma Janes for the cake and ice cream. 

And dressed the cousins up like Unicorns....

Her trying to blow out the candles made my heart hurt! 

Grandma surprised her with a new scooter! 

The happiest unicorn!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Last week we took a little trip down to Utah to spend a few days with Katherine & Taurean!
Mom was watching Bella for the week, so we had all sorts of fun!

These two little stinkers are TROUBLE!

They loved each other most of the time, but there was the occasional bum sniffing and blanket fighting. 

Dad and Jack worked on the Hiking sticks for Zions most of the time, while Ivy& Bella hid from us. 

 We took a short trip to the Zoo in the sweltering heat

Where the Polar Bear entertained us for hours!

Awe, cuteness.

We all waited in a long line to ride the carousel, and then once we were on it, Ivy started screaming!  So we got off and waved at the rest of the fam as they came by. 

 And you can always count on Brooke to create some kind of commotion....

After getting her hair and nails done by her aunties....she somehow managed to lock herself in the bathroom.
It quickly became a family affair to get her out!

 Chica had never been to Scheels, so of course we had to take her to ride the ferris wheel!

Seriously, it is a long way down when you are at the top!

I just might have to blow this one up and frame it!

Mom got a notification that Ivy's bday present was in the Walmart, so me and mom thought we would head down and pick it up......

 We had NO IDEA it would be that big!  It was a fun little adventure. 

Since we had dragged the kids all over shopping, we thought we better do something fun. 

So we did a little slip and sliding!

 Ivy was NOT happy when it was time to go inside.

and I was so sad when we had to come home.

Back to packing!

The 4th

Why does it have to be so hard to get a pictures of all them looking and smiling....sheesh!

Grandma Jane has the Lemons Family Reunion in her backyard every 4th of July! 

There is always tons of food, and tons of TREATS!

Uncle Trevor was in charge of the cotton candy this year....a dream come true for all!

I told Trevor, "Don't give Ivy one"  but nobody listens to me! 

 Instead of taking the kids to IF to see the fireworks, we did our little selection in the circle and invited the fam over.

 I might have started sobbing.
Realizing that this would be our last time doing fireworks in the circle :( 
 I keep trying to remind myself that this move is for the best.  
Sadly it just doesn't feel that way right now. 

Ivy slept soundly inside while we did the fireworks, but Brooke sure didn't like the noise!

A fabulous 4th once again!