Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Monkeys

When the move was done, and we were living with Grandma, we could finally wind down a little bit. 
There wasn't much we could do personally at the house, we just had to wait for the subs to finish up.

Ivy needed to keep her arm safe so I figured a little trip to the zoo was well deserved and it would keep her safe in the stroller for the most part.

I let the kids press a penny into a penguin  coin and you would have thought I gave them a million dollars, they were so excited. 

We took a little trip to McDonalds after the zoo and then back home to relax. Ivy discovered that having a broken arm was actually a really good thing. 


We found out the weekend of Jack's baptism that  our family was going to be growing!

Baby #4 is due March 23, 2015

Right off the bat I was sick.
So sick.
I almost threw up on Ivy and she was not happy about it. 

Finishing a home, moving, pregnant, while working and somehow not letting the primary fall apart... 

Why not? 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Moving Day

So the day came when we had to be out of the rental house.  August 27th. 

But the house wasn't ready..
 Even though we had guys working round the clock to get 'er done. 

But alas, we had to move.  And someone had to pack up all that *&%# fabric!

And boy was it fun trying to get the furniture out of the tight spots. 

Everyone did their part.  We loaded all the fabric into a trailer where it would sit for 3 weeks until the house was done. I had to close down the shop for the longest time in history. 

And so we moved into Grandma Jane's basement, which is almost like being in a cowboy show. 

On the 27th the moving truck moved all our stuff from our rental house to the garage of the new house. The moving company told me the guys would be there at 9am, they thought 7am, and so they sat at the rental until I showed up at 9.  I was so embarrassed! 

The best part is when the guys were loading the truck, we got a call from our niece that Ivy fell down the stairs at Grandmas and wouldn't stop crying.  So Vince left to see what was up. 

 Sure enough, baby girl broke her arm in two places.  She got a splint that night and the cast two days later. 
She actually handled it really well. 


Me and the girls were invited to cousin Lilly's Frozen birthday party!
And let me tell ya, my sister Liz throws quite a party!

Then two amazing guests showed up and made a bunch of little girls' dreams come true.

These girls love their crazy aunts!

And then it was time to say goodbye to Grandpa and Grandma

It was so hard to say our goodbyes!  Good luck on the mish mom and dad!