Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Pioneer Trek

July 26th-28th

Day 1
 Cousin Grace joined our family as her family couldn't go on the Trek and she really wanted to go.
We swapped her out for Ivy.
Ivy stayed home with my Mother. And boy were we happy with that decision.
I am weak. Yes I am.

 All the kids in our company.

 My friend Angela was 7 Months pregnant and walked the entire 12 miles in the hot sun. Amazing.
Poor gal always had to wait in line at the potty.

 Our company spotted some shade and decided to stop and rest, while the other companies went on.
 Here are the other companies going on.  You knew which carts had babies in them with the covers.

Jack made a new buddy, Mitch. He has been in the Ward forever, but being put together in a company and being together 24/7 for 3 days made them the best of pals.

 Brooke made some new friends too.  She informed me that her favorite part of the Trek was playing with all the girls, and her not favorite part was the walking.

This was Jack's spot for 3 days.  He walked the whole way!

 My little camera just couldn't quite capture the beauty of the golden grain fields.  It was breathtaking.

 And my camera also couldn't quite capture how hot it was.  IT WAS HOT!!! 

I spent a whole day making that pinafore, and it was BLACK at the end of the first day. Nice.

 Little Miss Whiner Pants
She whined 3 minutes into the first day that she just couldn't walk anymore.

We finally made it to camp and Jack had a blast playing in the woods with these boys!

I was on the Activities Committee for the Trek and I was in charge of Doll Making and Gunny Sack Races.
50 Little Girls
50 Little Doll Kits
I got the biggest migraine after helping all these girls make the dolls, but they sure were cute!

Day 2


 Quick, let's get a family picture before we head out for the day, and before Brooke gets dirty!
The wind was blowing fierce, turning my bonnet into a kite!

 A man, dressed in full Army Uniform, came to our camp while stopped for Lunch and called all the men to war. In the first picture you can see the men going up the hill. 
 Here are me and Vince after the women's pull.  It was just me and the Ma from our group pulling our cart up the incredibly steep mountain, and at one moment we almost lost our cart and started going backwards.  It was intense, and Vince and all the men were standing along side us, just dying to jump in to help. We cried. We pulled hard, and finally made it up.

Oh how I loved following Vince around and snapping photos... he loved it too.

The kids had a blast the 2nd night at camp.

I was trying to capture just how dirty Brooke was.  It was impossible.

 Day 3

We let Jack ride the handcart for the last 1/4 mile.  He loved it!

Even though Brooke whined most of the time, they both had the time of their lives!
In fact, she didn't want to go home... she wanted to stay and play with all the girls.

It was an unbelievable journey I will never forget.

I spoke in Church today about the experience.  I'm glad I will have that talk and these pictures to remind me of this awesome Trek.

Day 1:      6 miles
Day 2:     4 miles
Day 3      2 Miles

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pioneer Parade and Rigby Lake

Jack:  "Today was the best day ever!"

Stake Pioneer Parade & Breakfast

Since I am the Primary President and all, I was in charge of making sure our Ward showed up and participated, and in charge of making a banner for our Ward. 

 I had our Ward's banner made online, talk about a life saver!

Jack thanked me 100 times today for letting him be in a parade and pull his sisters all by himself. 
He LOVED it!

 Later in the afternoon, we headed over to the Lake.
Yes, Rigby has a Lake.

I took 1000 pictures. See for yourself.

This is her, "I have something naughty" look. 

Poof. We are exhausted. What a fantabulous day.