Sunday, December 11, 2016

December Fun

 I was so excited to break out the holiday dresses once we reached December! 

James is always so exhausted when we get home from church! 

 We did some haircuts and I found some lights to make our deer head seem a little less scary and a little more festive, but really it looked more creepy. And the lights barely lasted a week. 

James was loving all the Christmas toys being out!

With a little help from Vince, I put lights on as many trees and bushes as I could. I really wanted lights on the house, but scrooge said no. 

We took the kids to see a movie, Pete's Dragon, and James lasted whole 5 minute and Vince had to take him on a drive. We tried. 

The 2nd Sunday in December was Stake Conference, and it was the first Stake Conference that we have attended in years! 

 And this is why!

But I feel like we received blessings in heaven for our attempt. 

That night we made reindeer cookies, and they didn't quite turn out like the photo on the internet, but they were still cute!