Monday, September 5, 2016

Trip to the Zoo

Ivy made a little friend!

Trying to get James to hold still for a photo was a lost cause, and yet I kept on trying!

I found all these pictures from our trips to the zoo over the years. I love it!

Father's Day

For Father's Day we got Daddy a Volleyball set to play with. 

Apparently our kids need LOTS of practice. 

It was hilarious to watch them try to play! 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Modern Pluming Lagoon Day

Once we got the boys home safe and sound, we headed to Lagoon for Modern Plumbing Lagoon Day!

 And some Wheatley's tagged along just for fun!


Watching James play in the fountain will always be one of my very favorite memories!

 Lagoon was Lagoon, as usual. Hot, crowded, sticky, expensive. 
But fun!

We Didn't Go to Alaska

We stayed in Utah for the week while the boys were in Alaska.

We went to church & played with cousins. 

 We had a baby shower for Angie's twins!

We went to the zoo,

 and to the Children's Museum

 One day we went up to the cabin in Park City and did some exploring,

 and I can't forget our adventure to Wheeler Farm!

Each night Abby and I went on a hike or walk up to the Temple,

 And on our last day we took all the kids on a hike to Pepperwood Falls. 

And we got to go and see Finding Dory!

It was a great week but we sure missed our big boys!