Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pre Christmas Fun

Friend & Neighbor Gifts..... CHECK!

Handmade ornaments for the Tree....CHECK!

Rigby was looking very festive, and the roads were very ICY!

This little helper was out and about. 

And so was this one!

I go the basement all put together and cute just as school was let out for the break!

 Santa visited Dance class,

And Jack was...well just being Jack.

We made gingerbread houses, which I forget to get a picture of the finished products! 

And we we just waited for Christmas to arrive!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Great Grandpa's Christmas Party

I sure love seeing my kids pay in the house I played in as a kid!

The Nativity

 I am not sure why my kids got the staring roles, but James as baby Jesus was pretty funny.

Ivy opened a gift, I am not even sure what it was, but she was dumbfounded with joy! 

It was so fun to see Grandpa together with all his boys in their home! I love this picture! 

James was so exhausted, he was asleep before we pulled out of Grandpa's driveway. 

In fact he fell asleep mid-jam! 

Saturday, December 17, 2016


We got so much snow this morning!

We tried to shovel, but it was laying it down so fast we couldn't keep up. And it doesn't help that we have the biggest driveway ever!

All the snow plus all the new decorations I added this year was making the seasons extra festive! I found so many awesome vintage Christmas finds at the DI this year and they basement was looking great! 

But seriously, the SNOW this year was unreal!

And lets just throw in this amazing goose egg  that James got! 

Saturday morning we had the ward Christmas Party! I was in a skit and was uncharge of the primary kids singing. Plus I was asked the night before to make a quiche that I had never made before! So stressful! And it was FREEZING!!!